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18 Apr 2020 21:55:48
Read an article about arsenal players having regular sessions with a psychologist, the mind boggles at how multi millionaires in their massive homes with all the comforts money can buy get this specialist treatment when frontline NHS workers, carers suffering the everyday trauma they witness are soldiering on regardless.

We're all suffering being isolated in our houses many away from friends family and loved ones some not even having the luxury of a garden to escape into. Mental health is a serious issue and something I've had experience of and I know it effects different people in different ways and often just speaking to someone has a positive effect but the thought of trumped up footballers needing this kind of help and getting it when others more deserving have to suffer in silence then probably reading about these pampered individuals is infuriating in the extreme.

I may come across as grinding an axe about footballers but why are they so special? What makes them think we're interested in what "struggles " they're experiencing? WE ALL ARE! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE AND REALISE MORE DESERVING PEOPLE NEED THE HELP AND EXPOSURE NOT YOU PAMPERED SELF INDULGENT CLOWNS rant over stay safe and sane everyone and tell those special people in your life how much they mean to you.

{Ed033's Note - If people don't know, i recently created a Mental Health site.

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18 Apr 2020 22:16:40
Ed033 that's a brilliant thing to do and my thanks go to you and all the Ed's and advise anyone who needs any assistance to get through these troubled times to use whatever help is available its not wrong to accept help if you need it.

19 Apr 2020 09:04:24
It must be depressing for them, getting all that money for doing nothing, maybe it’s a guilt thing Moose, but I very much doubt that.
It’s probably more a case of not being able to drive everywhere in their flashy cars, eating at their fancy restaurants and buying clothes from designer shops.
You have to feel sorry for them don’t you?

19 Apr 2020 09:25:59
Not in the slightest Mark 👍.

19 Apr 2020 14:56:21
Good post Moose, I hope you are all over your experiences with any issues you may have had.
I have a very low opinion, for a lot of these players mate.

19 Apr 2020 16:48:32
Cheers Dave yes I'm fine mate a fine upstanding citizen lol yes I love football dislike idiot players and the money men who run the whole show. Watched The Damned United last night and I know it's probably been dramatised a bit but those were the days when the manager called the shots and the money men just said yes or no but even back then if the story about Cloughie at Leeds is true it shows player power is nothing new just they earn ridiculous money now.



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