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30 Mar 2020 08:42:46
Reading some of the paper talk about FA, UEFA whoever wanting to get the leagues and cup competitions finished this season by cramming as many games as possible into a short time frame.

I'll say this : my opinion of footballers is they're overpaid, privileged and live in they're own little bubble worlds, far removed from average Joe working public (tho they may be nice people I may add) but, to expect them to perform like circus animals to meet their agenda, is borderline ridiculous.

They are human beings after all and many have friends and family who will be affected by this horrendous disease, after all it does not discriminate position, race, creed or religion. Common sense should prevail so that everyone is safe and secure to hopefully return to normality as soon as possible and if that means the money men have to take a hit then so be it.

LIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY! We're all missing our favourite sports and seeing our loved ones but we as a nation should pull together to stop this terrible disease and ensure that everything humanly possible is done to achieve that end.

Cancelling sport is not the end of the world, and we'll all face hardships along the way, but please FA UEFA FIFA whoever, do the right thing for humanity, not the people who count the money.


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30 Mar 2020 09:11:08
Hear Hear.

30 Mar 2020 10:49:05
Well said Moose. The adage that money makes the world go round is the saddest reality of life.

30 Mar 2020 12:21:51
Yeah well said Moose.
I will just add, a quiet word in Jacks ear and a slap would not go amiss here.
He may be ours, but that does not take away the fact that he is an idiot and a moron.
The bloke needs to grow up, behave like a sensible adult, that is the second time he has made himself look a P--tt.
I am incensed by this, think of the people he has put at risk.

30 Mar 2020 12:36:43
And heโ€™s the captain of our team, Dave. Doesnโ€™t that say it all.

30 Mar 2020 13:07:16
If selfish people want to realise the importance of self isolation and social distancing then they should watch the first 10 minutes of the film Contagion, stop and think for a moment what, however trivial seeming, their actions could lead to.

30 Mar 2020 13:39:43
Like you say Mark, he is the captain, how can you have a person like that, be your leader and figure of inspiration, madness.
And yes Moose, its frightening mate.

30 Mar 2020 14:14:45
I'd question his judgement on 2 fronts: firstly the hypocrisy of telling fans to isolate and then going to a party; secondly, what the hell's he doing hanging around with Ross McShortarse?

30 Mar 2020 14:21:31
I assume McShortarse has moved into a flat as, from recollection, houses are technically too difficult for him to get out of in order to attend training ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ˜Š.

30 Mar 2020 14:25:32
I bet if he was round we Jimmy Crankies house I bet the gates were working ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

30 Mar 2020 14:51:59
You beat me to it Menace ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and another good quiz to get my head around.



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