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14 Mar 2020 15:26:25
With no football for the foreseeable future and to keep things light I've been thinking about my all time 11 obviously post Ron Saunders era, as that should be everyone's choice lol. I'd play 3-5-2 so here goes Bosnich McGrath Mellberg Laursen Milner Barry Cowans Townsend Young Yorke Saunders subs Friedel Dorigo Southgate Richardson Platt Atkinson Daley. Your thoughts on this or your choices guys UTV.

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14 Mar 2020 16:07:39
Yep a good shout Moose.
The only ones I would probably change would be Angel in for Atkinson and Petrov in for Richardson.

14 Mar 2020 16:18:00
Couple of good calls there Dave forgot about Angel but was class once he found his feet hopefully a few of this new era will kick on to similar levels all being well in the premier.

14 Mar 2020 16:49:22
Hope so Moose.

14 Mar 2020 17:47:08
Difficult to argue with that staring 11 Moose, although I would find it very hard not to start David Platt. I just think he had a better all round game than Dean Saunders, in particular he really was excellent in the air.
I actually preferred watching Mark Walters to Tony Daley. Daley was lightning fast, Walters had silky skills and for me was a better crosser of the ball, tough call though.
Other players that would be pushing for a place, Ian Taylor perhaps and maybe magic Merson.
What a back 3 that is though, I think any club would struggle to do better than that.

14 Mar 2020 18:37:28
I was thinking along the same lines with Platt Mark.
Its tough, some real good players have worn Claret and Blue.
I think we all agree though, what a fabulous back three,

14 Mar 2020 18:40:45
Ooo tough one Moose I'd go
Evans Mcgrath Laurson
Young Cowans Platt Milner Morley
Saunders Yorke
Subs Friedel Mellberg Petrov Atkinson Barry.

14 Mar 2020 20:13:01
Who would of been the best manager of such a team, if we’re not including Ron Saunders, I would go with Graham Taylor.

14 Mar 2020 20:17:13
Villadaz you look at those line ups and wish we had them now and they say modern footballers are better now 😂😂 I know which set of players I'd rather have, proper men with a backbone of steel not today's 16 rolls and an Oscar nomination when they've been breathed on. Probably showing my age 😁.

14 Mar 2020 20:26:56
Just to add my two penne things I would go 4-4-2
Gidman mc Garth Lauren Staunton
Milner Mortimer Cowans Barry
Gray Yorke

Subs Rimmer Mellberg Evans Platt, Young, Angel, Saunders

I might have gone back a bit further than intended re Gidman but this is my favourite Villa 11 and I think would challenge thes best 11 of any other team you care to mention.

15 Mar 2020 07:25:11
Gidman was my favourite player growing up Villajohn had a signed photo of him and my first Villa kit had the number 2 on it even wore the number 2 shirt in my playing days 😁.

15 Mar 2020 08:36:59
Best right back we’ve ever had.
Smashing bloke also. I once met him, he was a friend of a friend of my girlfriend’s father at the time. I played a bit in those days and I remember him encouraging me to go for a trial and was all on for fixing it up for me. Wish I had taken him up on the offer now.

15 Mar 2020 09:22:15
I agree he was our best right back and by some distance I also think he is the only player to have played for both sides in the Merseyside and Manchester derbies. I wonder what he is doing now?

15 Mar 2020 09:43:06
Probably pulling his hair out wishing he could still play and show a full back how to defend lol.

15 Mar 2020 09:49:27
It’s shocking to think he only played for England once was it? You could say the same about Brian Little and Gordon Cowans though.

15 Mar 2020 09:55:58
Sid did get a few England caps I seem to remember but it should have been a lot more.

15 Mar 2020 11:15:48
10 and scored twice. If he had played for a London club he would have got a lot more. At least as good as Hoddle. I see him virtually every day walking his dog.

15 Mar 2020 11:57:22
Say hello to him from me mate and wish him the very best.
Absolute Villa legend.

15 Mar 2020 14:45:53
I missed this thread, Gidman was a legend fantastic fullback.

15 Mar 2020 15:44:38
I can’t remember ever seeing a winger get the better of him, he made most of them look like amateurs.
After beating them to the ball, he would send them one way then go the other before going on one of his magnificent runs. Absolute joy to watch Dave.



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