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13 Mar 2020 21:54:55
I know we are focussing on the managerial position however I think just as worrying if not more so is the Coronavirus issue, if the timescale for the virus reaching its peak in 12 to 14 weeks time and we are suspending matches up to then and potentially beyond, then I am not sure how the premier league will be able to finish the season within a reasonable time frame. My concern in that scenario is that rather than declare this season null and void with all the contractual issues with the TV companies to name but one problem, the league may decide to take a stance that they declare the season finished as of now which would leave us relegated and whist I am sure the clubs impacted would legally challenge such a decision I am sure the money men would rather compensate the 3 clubs impacted as that is bound to be cheaper than to pay off the companies for breach of contract. The figure of £3 billion is being quoted in some quarters as what it would cost the Premier League to compensate the TV companies alone. Food for thought?

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13 Mar 2020 22:43:15
Could be very messy John, I reckon there are numerous options that will come under consideration mate.
Either way, it is going to be very costly, and upset a lot of people.
We will probably have a better insight into matters come April.

14 Mar 2020 10:12:47
Agreed Dave, and maybe I am being over sensitive but in these situations the needs of the many tend to outweigh the needs of the few. Maybe I am worrying unnecessarily however I do love a good conspiracy 😆😆.

14 Mar 2020 11:15:24
Oh yes, and me John, conspiracies I am full of them.

14 Mar 2020 11:56:57
If some how season ends early and we don't go down, we are the luckiest team ever but il take it and we will have to learn from it and employ a top manager, my brothers a doctor at Leicester Royal infirmary and I was talking to him about virus he said it could take, may to June b4 it gets sorted. At end of the day with things like this football and all sports are irrelevant, it everybody's health and wellbeing that matters.

14 Mar 2020 13:31:11
4eva, there would be several lucky teams mate, not only us, there would be some unlucky ones as well.
But on the serious side of all this, there is the "cause"
I am not being flippant, and I am sure your Brother does a wonderful Job within the National health, and we thank him unreservedly.
But with all due respect to your Brother, I think you will find nobody really has any Idea how long it will be before this virus gets sorted as you say.
Top virologists and Infectious Disease experts have all said they don`t know, simply because it is new and Uncharted.
My guess is, that it will become part and parcel of the yearly and seasonal viruses we all face.

14 Mar 2020 14:51:51
Yeah true dave.

14 Mar 2020 15:16:03
Guys, we all understand the severity of the situation and football pales in to insignificance when people's health is concerned. However we do need lighter moments and banter in my local continues unabated. Not all of the villa fans in a recent discussion were in thr 4eva lucky camp if we were to stay up due to the prem being suspended this season and whilst not totally agreeing with them there is some merit in the view that staying up will mean the same old, same old dross again next season. Our last two seasons in the Premier league are not that far apart in terms of success and some of the current crop of players wouldn't set the championship alight, so the saying "be careful what you wish for" could be very apt.



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