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13 Mar 2020 18:33:20
The manager situation is a tricky 1 pros and cons with probably more of the latter, but if we do decide to act now would be the perfect time, however with pretty much everything on lockdown for the foreseeable future, how would they have time to bond with the players and get over their ideas? I do believe Deano has the best interests of the club at heart but if he's lost the players, if they've lost belief in him and whatever tactics he wants then it's a losing battle as players nowadays have all the power and as saleable commodities its always the manager who gets the bullet. Re the rumour of John Terry being lined up to replace him who's to say what's been going on behind the scenes? It only takes 1 malcontent to stir the pot and I have the feeling that despite his class as a player and captain John Terry has John Terry's interests at heart. Obviously this is only my opinion but I notice he's usually conspicuous by his absence on the touchline unless its for the Sky cameras or a Wembley final. Like I say its only my opinion and a theory but I love a good conspiracy UTV.

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13 Mar 2020 19:43:31
I always had the impression that Roy Keane didn’t like being in Paul Lambert’s shadow, Moose, and I have the same feeling about John Terry.
If Terry was to replace Deano, would it be a surprise if our defense suddenly became a solid one?
You did say you like a conspiracy theory.

13 Mar 2020 20:02:42
I think you would see a massive improvement in the defense Mark none of this zonal marking rubbish. I remember liverpool having the same problem with it years ago only way it could possibly work is if you have your best header of the ball free to just attack it in the box, you still have to have some semblance of marking though. Worked for my Sunday league team when we first started . stopped leaking goals like a colander.

13 Mar 2020 21:21:35
Hey fellas, Look what Ron Saunders did back in the 70s, Partnered Alun Evans and Ken Mcnaught.
Both could attack the ball, brilliant partnership.
Saunders motto was to stop the other team scoring first, when you can do that, you then try and nick a goal.
What a great era that was lads.

13 Mar 2020 21:36:14
It was certainly the glory days Dave what we'd give for a centre half partnership like that again. Mind you God, Mellberg and Laursen wouldn't go amiss either all no nonsense defenders who could read the game, defend first play football after.

13 Mar 2020 21:41:55
Probably the best central defensive partnership we’ve ever had Dave.
We’ve had better individual centre backs in McGrath, Mellberg and Laursen but as partnerships go for me Evans/ McNaught takes some beating.

13 Mar 2020 22:30:16
Between us we have mentioned half a dozen defenders, who in my opinion, would get into most sides even today.
I see Shaun Teal has once again offered his services in the coaching of our current defenders.
Surely our coaches can take a hint from that?



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