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10 Mar 2020 22:41:57
A couple of weeks ago Deano threatened to drop players for the final but never did, do these players now think they can't be dropped? Because last night was the worst I have ever seen and we deserve to go down
Reinia needs to go back to Italy
Mings thinks he is van dyke far from it bourmouth (hardly put up a fight to hold on to him) and there defence record this season isiant great
Louis: I can't figure out what he does not a defence mid and certainly not an attacking mid either
Conor: no legs championship player will be useful next season
Marvellous; think it was something his parents called him when he got his homework right (because it's not a football reason anyway)
Freddie; championship player
Target: same as above
Most importantly Deano; championship manager I wanted this to work out but the truth is Bruce built the squad last season and Deano got lucky the team clicked at the right time Deano wanted to put his own stamp on things and changed to much to quick Hutton and Whelan should have been giving 1 more year for there experience alone we came into this season with 0 experience mings target and a handful of games for Jack,

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11 Mar 2020 11:48:43
GMC, this is Probably one ot most accurate posts I have read over the last couple of days, it summarises things perfectly. Just wish the owner would see it the same way. Sadly because we don't have the players, this season is all but written off, like you I would love to see the fight of hutton and wheelan, we don't see a single shred of fight with this current dross.

11 Mar 2020 13:48:53
GMC, I have to agree in part, not good enough.
The problem with the Hutton and wheelan point, is that Villa fans up and down the country would of been complaining about, the club has no vision, they have no legs, not prem players, too old.
You cannot deny it, that would of been said, "fact".

11 Mar 2020 17:57:44
Dave I don't think they would have played regularly but their presence would have been invaluable, I'm sure that is the point.

11 Mar 2020 21:05:28
You miss understand again scotty.
I am agreeing with getsomeclass, about the players not good enough.
I am saying the fans would of complained.
Not me.



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