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10 Mar 2020 08:55:18
Well another morning and another drilling from my mates its come to the point now where I'm past caring. It feel as if our club is toxic again from fans fighting each other at Wembley to the players not caring what on earth is going on?
I don't know what game Deano was watching but saying our defence looked in good shape is mere short of ludicrous. We are in a catch 22 phase do we keep or do we get rid?
Plus point of keeping is he's a half decent Championship manager and can find bargains. Minus points tactically inept no plan B and by the looks of it has lost the dressing room and if you lose that then its goodnight Vienna for me. How on earth can Elmo be marking Evan's at set pieces surely the coaching staff should have got word out on the pitch to switch this and this zonal marking market is not working Only 1 player can hold his head up high and that's Samatta. Looks like another rebuilding session will get underway but can we afford to do this? I was mad last night and I'm still mad this morning pure and simple we have to get this mess sorted sharpish or we are in the right brown stuff. Our season isn't over yet but could be in 4 games time.

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10 Mar 2020 09:07:50
How can elmo be in the team I’m sure it’s because of his nationality.

10 Mar 2020 10:13:48
I'm sorry, Villadaz, but some of you here said that you wanted Smith in the first place and that we should keep hold of him. He should've been sacked before. If we keep Smith, then we will surely be relegated, so I say sack him anyways, even if he's signed a new contract.
We can get good managers for once. What's stopping us?

10 Mar 2020 10:59:53
Hi Hinch thanks for the reply. Just for the record I didn't want Smith in the 1st place but he proved me wrong by getting us promoted and I have backed him like any other manager in charge of our club but now I feel it's time for a change but I can't see it happening I'm afraid. On the other hand West Ham changed their manager and look where they are. Southampton stuck with their manager and look where they are now. So what do we do? God knows but last night we was very very bad.

10 Mar 2020 11:39:15
Yes, I'm sorry say that it's too late now. Cheers.



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