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16 Feb 2020 22:21:57
As you all know I am fully behind Deano.
I have one problem with him, he does seem very stubborn, and has a mindset to match.
I am 100% certain that until we start playing two up top, we will find it difficult to win games.

4-4-2 or 3-5-2 anything you like but 2 up top.
And yes I am saying Samatta and Bojan.
Say what you like, Samatta looks good but needs help, Bojan can do that.

I also think Hourihane and Trez should start, I am not happy with Luiz at all, if he stayed on his feet today we would have been 2 nil up, why go to ground like he did.
We have nothing to lose, if we keep doing what we are doing, we will go down.

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17 Feb 2020 07:10:17
He should at least try 2 up front Dave, it would give the opposition defense more to think about and probably enable us to press better and give them less time to build from the back. However, if Davis is fit for the next game, I think he would be the better option with Samatta. I know you think he’s made of glass mate, but he’s stronger, faster and his ability to hold the ball up would I feel be of more benefit to Samatta and the attacking midfielders.

17 Feb 2020 10:12:43
It makes sense to play 2 strikers don't why we don't play 2,and Luis does nothing for me, and Connor needs to be a winger for me he the best crosser of the ball at the club and deadly at set pieces, it doesn't matter he's not rapid he delivery is first class, he could be like Snodgrass and downing if given a chance, I'd play,4/ 4/ 2,

17 Feb 2020 11:20:14
Mark, I agree about Davis, but I have heard he has set back, and reports are saying he will be out for a few weeks.
We will never know how good, or how effective Bojan will be unless we play him.
Tom said on here yesterday that the new bloke looks rubbish, his name is Bojan Tom.
How anyone can say he was rubbish is beyond me, he was on the pitch for 7 minutes, are you for real.
Anyway sorry Mark, we must try him mate, everything else is pretty ineffective.

17 Feb 2020 11:21:43
Good point about Snoddy 4eva.

17 Feb 2020 15:59:47
Dave he passed the ball straight to a white shirt and they should have scored, looked very slow and off the mark it’s my opinion mate don’t have to agree with it, however pace is needed in the prem that’s why Connor can’t play on the wing! I’d argue the point and say that targets crossing is bang on most times.

17 Feb 2020 16:56:14
I don`t agree with it Tom, you like many others on here are very quick to criticize people before they do anything.
So tell me what did you expect from him in 7 minutes, like all players they need time and they need help from team mates.
I think Jack is a great player, yet on three occasions yesterday he could of played Samatta in but chose not too.
Samatta was getting in good positions but never got the ball, that can and will make him look a bad player.
I am not saying Bojan is going to set the place on fire, but give him a chance.

17 Feb 2020 18:31:25
Question to tomavfc9,why can't Connor play on the wing he's the best crosser of the ball best at taking set pieces and he has a good engine it's a no brainer for me, Beckham didn't have pace neither did figo, downing, Snodgrass, and others so why not especially when we have a striker that can head the ball,2 strikers with wingers crossing is the way forward for me.

17 Feb 2020 19:13:47
Yep agree 4eva, things need trying, now is as good a time as any.



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