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05 Feb 2020 11:50:09
How much is Grealish worth United want him I think 85 million a fair price in today's market.

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05 Feb 2020 12:21:18
Alan Brazil thinks 100 million Raj. I would go along with that because if he starts doing the business for England
which I think he will, he could well be worth considerably more than that. However I would much prefer it if he remains a Villa player.

05 Feb 2020 15:37:26
80/ 100 mill easy if we stay up he go and if go down he will go, but he won't go to Man United why go them there miles behind lpool, city, jcks just too good for villa and i can't see a way we can keep him i'm afraid as much as he loves villa it's about winning titles, and cups, at the end of the day, why stay at villa if we stay up and be at the bottom again or go to a club that's going to be fighting for the title and in top 4,I won't hold any grudges if he goes, you have to better your career and him moving to a lpool or city or Chelsea would make him a better player because he would be working with world class players which we don't have, let's face it he's been carrying us and it's embarrassing that we only have one great player, well 2 with mgginn but he's injured he will go aswell, you can't blame them aswell because if your job and you get offered to move to different company but same role and more money you go, I don't see a way we keep him really unless the owners bring in a world-class manager to keep him and move the club to another level but I doubt that will happen.

05 Feb 2020 17:41:08
The point is that we've now bought the bulk of a squad. If we stay up the owners can focus their funds in future seasons on a couple of statement signings each year to progress up the table.

05 Feb 2020 18:22:00
Nice one rk, spot on mate.

05 Feb 2020 18:50:48
Ok then if we stay what top players are going to join us, come on were a relegation team so who in there right mind is going to join Callum Wilson no, delafeiou no, nzonzi no, I'm not being a downist but no big name players will join villa them days are gone I'm afraid, were living in a Dreamworld if we think that is going to happen.

05 Feb 2020 18:52:19
And rk the squad is woefull if we bought better in the summer we wouldn't be in this mess.

05 Feb 2020 20:24:07
Buying "better" would have probably cost another 100mill which we couldn't have done. Phillips, Bowen and Benrahma all were touted as 20mill+ in the summer and they are all untested at this level like the players we spent half as much on.
Maupay is starting to struggle from a lack of service and support at Brighton so would have been same price with same problem.
Tammy's goals are drying up despite the amount of chances he gets meaning he'd probably have another Swansea season if we had managed to buy him.
Not sure what else we could realistically have got for the money we spent other than relegation fodder mercenaries with even less sell on value than people claim of the players we have now.

05 Feb 2020 20:31:40
Also a "statement signing" means different things depending on your position.
Next season that would be the likes of Mitrovic or one of the top upcomers outside the top 4 in the European Leagues (the likes of Rashica for instance) . Further down the line if we're established we can then look to try compete for even bigger names with the lure of guaranteed game time over bench/ rotation.
O'Neill ruined us with overspending but he turned average players or relative unknowns (Young had 1 good season at Watford) into a squad that was close to challenging so you don't necessarily need big names for signings to reach the next level.

05 Feb 2020 21:38:46
Are you for real O'Neil was the best manager we had in along time, and they were players we could have got who would of done much better,

05 Feb 2020 21:42:57
Also he made good signings he made a few bad ones but 70 percent of his signings were class, and he didn't ruin us it was randy Lerner that ruined villa by finding out he didn't have enough money to take us too the next step back then which was top 4.

05 Feb 2020 22:13:29
Reo Coker was tidy but was he worth £60k a week? Gabby was on fire at the time but had he done enough to be on £60k a week?
O Neill pushed for Champions League wages for players who had not pushed us to that level. I can't remember any of his signings being bad but the wages crippled us.
Lerner backed O Neill to a point that the club was no longer sustainable once the objective was not met.
Chelsea are now having to push youth after a couple of seasons not making the CL. January they could have done business but left it alone even though Frank wanted signings. Even Russian oligarchs have to cut their cloth accordingly eventually.

06 Feb 2020 01:14:03
Very true mate.



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