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09 Oct 2019 21:33:31
Hi fellow Villains just chatting today at work as rumours came about again about John Mcginn so I want to ask you guys what's John Mcginns value? If we had to sell which I never want to do by the way Was I far off in telling people at work 70 million. Have a long think don't forget his age energy and goalscoring ratio.

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09 Oct 2019 22:01:49
It’s hard to get to a figure because he’s so unique, and how many out there can bring what he does to the team and are willing to come? I’d be happy with anything around 60, but I can’t see anyone going anymore than 50 at the minute.

09 Oct 2019 22:08:59
Walkies, you have to ask yourself if he played for Liverpool or Man Utd how much would they want for him, well the same applies to us.
Another season in the prem and with the same rate of improvement, I think he will be worth more than 70 million.
What we must do is keep his contract up to date.

10 Oct 2019 08:13:21
With today's transfer prices going as they are out of control.
I would start at 80million.
But I suppose the 50 mill is what most would offer.
He has a 5 year deal so we are in the driving seat.

10 Oct 2019 14:43:58
Bob, I love McGinn and hope he is at villa for the next five years, however the only person in the driving seat is John and his agent. We know he will have a buy out clause, unfortunately I can't see it being anywhere the figure that will lock him in to the Villa. I am sure he is an honourable guy and he seems to love Villa, however put yourself in his shoes, I would imagine he is on around £60000 a week with his new contract, if he sees out is contract this will earn him around £8 million after tax. So his agent gets offered a contract with a say Man U for £120000 a week with a five year contract, his earnings (again after tax ) would then be around £16 million over the length of the contract. John is a family man who will obviously look after his long term interests, I know for sure £8 million pounds would influence a lot of people's decision. Let's all hope not, however as I said it won't be an Aston Villa decision, it never is these days, money talks.

10 Oct 2019 17:14:19
Do not underestimate purslow in any transfer dealings he is no mug.
He will play hard ball with any suitors after any of our players.

10 Oct 2019 18:14:11
Hope you are right Bob.

11 Oct 2019 11:16:59
Scott You seem to make a lot of assumptions, how do we “know” he’s got a buy out clause? It’s not as common in England as it is abroad, under these owners/ board we haven’t seen any buy out clauses.

Also worth noting that money didn’t talk when spurs matched the 30m asking price for one of our players early on in the new owners tenure. When you’ve got their sort of money, I’d imagine an extra 20/ 30 million here or there doesn’t even bring in a second thought.

{Ed001's Note - buyout clauses are not legally binding in England.}

11 Oct 2019 14:12:55
Thanks Ed👍 Does that mean that they are totally redundant in England? I remember the story that came out about Suarez and Arsenal bidding £1 more than the buy out or something stupid.

{Ed001's Note - they are just useless pretty much. The Suarez one actually saw Count Dracula take Liverpool to court in order to try and force through a move. That is how we know for sure they are not legally binding as his attempt failed.}

11 Oct 2019 15:46:55
Weird one because from what’s put out in the press they are fairly common in Spain, just seems pointless though.

{Ed001's Note - they are obliged to put one in the contract in Spain and they are legally binding there. We have different laws here though.}



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