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06 Oct 2019 18:36:33
Got back from Dublin last night I gave my Norwich ticket to my pal as the Irish lions club invited us over an wow wasnt disapointed half price drink and free food and the noise was amazing even tho we watched it on TV if anybody fancys a change give it ago its ace! Right onto the came what can I say it was coming we was class I will go on record now and say that we had the best summer ever I don't think we brought 1 bad player. We are exciting to watch we are always in games. Right even tho we won I read people going on about Neil Taylor yes his not great but his 2nd choice. He didn't even play an your still moaning at him lol. Enjoy the win international break now and we are out the bottom three. Mings needs to cut out the errors we really could of done with a cahill next to him. Next game keep the same team and let's keep it going it makes me wonder where we would of been if we hung on to some of these games we was wining an if we didn't have poor refs we might of even bein top 6. A lot of hard work to do but we are ticking slong nicely! UTV.

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06 Oct 2019 20:09:15
You say all of that and then go on to say we could have done with Cahill.
Why would you say that, nothing wrong with Engels at all.
And as far as Taylor is concerned Targett gives us far better options going forward in my opinion, he is 6 years younger so he should grow with the side.

06 Oct 2019 21:26:51
Villadave engels is great but I just think the mistakes the defence keeps making if you had somebody whos a old head then that wouldn't happen as much. As for taylor his 2nd choice so I don't know what people are moaning at him for yes his not great but his not 1st choice targett is so why people are moaning about a guy who didn't play? It was a great win 1 which was coming its our 1st season in the prem we are not going to have 24 world class players we got the 1st 11 right next season we can get the squad better sorry if every player including subs isn't world class but I think we have done amazing in the market. If you took salah out of liverpool there isn't a player whos gona come in with the same class it takes time. This team is class its young and it will grow together. I can only see us getting better an better players join aswel. VillaDave we are a very exciting young team but we are making few mistakes at the back so I was simply suggesting an using Cahill as a example the if we had a old head he would teach these young lads so we don't make these silly errors.

06 Oct 2019 22:11:14
Sorry walkies you sound like you have been drinking mate.
I am the guy who keeps backing this team, and supports everything Deano does.
You make it sound as if you are telling me to be patient, and that we are a young side that needs time?
Listen I am not a Taylor fan, so I feel the same about him whether he plays or not, so for that reason I would prefer a Villa side without him in it.

07 Oct 2019 09:20:43
Villadave we are not moaning we are happy he didn't play and proves how much better we are without him the only thing is can target stay fit I sure hope so.

07 Oct 2019 12:39:54
We all would but there's not a lot we can do his here an his trying to help. Next season we might sell him and buy better but for now his here only as a back up. Its tough because everybody knows target is a 1st choice lbk you won't get to many top players come and want to sit on the bench. I just want to touch on nakamba song an if anybody knows anybody who was singing it tell them to stop it is racist and not funny at all! UTV.

07 Oct 2019 12:48:42
Tom I know that mate, I am saying the very same thing.
This all started with Scotty saying that he did not rate Taylor, I backed him up, and now it seems we are the villans in all this, pardon the pun.
We are the ones being accused of moaning, just because we dislike a player who again I say does not compliment our team.

07 Oct 2019 13:28:07
Who would buy Taylor, He’s not even a pub team player, never mind good and win and a solid performance hopefully more of it after the international break!



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