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18 Sep 2019 13:30:32
Just read the debate between Chris and Dave and the barbed input from Ed. Perhaps Jack has not done quite as well as many on here hoped for, I think people's expectations are far to high. Like many on here I was at the game on Monday and have watched the game against yesterday with a lot of scrutiny. It might be worth mentioning that the great young talent that is Declan Rice, lauded by many pundits and Gareth Southgate, played last week for England was absolutely missing on Monday night, Dave if you get chance watch the game again and compare Jack's performance with Rice, no contest Jack was far superior. So if Jack had a poor showing and was still head and shoulders above Rice ( who Southgate picked as his one of his first choice midfield players) then I can see far far more positives than the doubters on here would have you believe. Just remember what we were like when he was injured and calls from everyone for a speedy return. Just imagine if he had missed the opening games this year through injury and results were worse than they are, I think everyone on here would be saying (just like they did last year) things will be ok when we get Jack back. Comments on fans forums get back to the players, how about as it is still early days in our premier campaign we show a bit more optimism and show our team we are 100% behind them.

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18 Sep 2019 15:10:23
To be honest Scott it is draining and sad to think that people are that desperate to see a young lad fail, especially someone from your own team. People used to call his attitude into question when he first started, they can’t do that anymore. So now they move onto something else. Like you said mate both Jack and Rice played centre mid Monday, who had the better overall game? Just looking at our own team, there's 4 or 5 players who had stinkers Monday, why do they get over looked and it’s straight to Grealish? I can’t work it out mate.

18 Sep 2019 17:20:45
Chris are you mad or what, I don`t want to see him fail, where have I said that.
You are again trying to put words into peoples mouths mate.
Again I am not knocking the team or anybody in it.
The other players you mention are not being touted as world beaters like Grealish is.
A tip for you Chris, and this has also been said before, and not by me I might add, you tend to manipulate what people are saying.
Another one for you, If a club come in for him and offer 25-30 mil, I would snap their hand off.
Also Player stats show Rice on 8 and Grealish on 7.for the game.

18 Sep 2019 17:34:28
Chris mate c'mon we don't want him to fail I want him to prove me wrong and be successful. You now are twisting things to make us look as though we don't care if we didn't care we wouldn't post.

18 Sep 2019 19:26:43
You say I’m twisting your words but where on earth have I said he’s a world beater?

If you saying someone is a squad player and fails to deliver time and time again isn’t knocking them, I’d hate to know what is in your book.

Let’s just leave it there, and hope average jack can continue the form from last season.

18 Sep 2019 21:03:16
Nobody has quoted you saying he is a world beater, blimey your at it again, read the posts properly before you change gear.
I said other players are not being touted as world beaters like Grealish is.
I will leave it there I think, I have had it on this one.
Just remember I am not trying to change anyone`s mind here, I just thought it would be a good sensible discussion.
How wrong can you be, it seems having an opinion and a bit of common sense are not tolerated any more.



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