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18 Sep 2019 08:04:07
Just read your post about Grealish Daz, the whole team wanted flags for celebrating when they went out, so do they all care too much about what they look like? Does he care about what he looks like when he holds on to the ball to get kicked in the air just to relieve pressure and win a freekick? I genuinely can't believe some of the rubbish I've read on here after a draw against West Ham, our first season back and we're already ripping into the players who got us promoted last year, on the back of a draw against a top half team.

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18 Sep 2019 10:03:54
Chris I'm sorry but I stated last year in a post where I called him average Jack and for me from what I've seen so far this season he is billing up to that. As I said strip him of the captaincy and give him a free roll more upfield then we might see his full potential but who's to blame for playing him in that position? I'm not slating the team at all it's our best squad we have had in years but even you must admit if we have any chance of staying in the PL then we should be beating teams like Bournemouth and the Irons at home. Perhaps from a outside perspective a Ed could comment on how he feels about average Jack at the moment?

{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest I have never understood the hype about Grealish. He has some talent, but nothing special, he puts in a decent amount of work but as a Liverpool fan I just think he doesn't do enough to get in a Klopp team, he is exceedingly average. There is nothing about him that makes you say 'wow, that was special'. He is not particularly quick, he doesn't have incredible skills to dazzle defenders, his shooting is ok, his passing is ok, his vision is ok etc. Nothing in his game is outstanding.

I know Smith has said he trains hard, but I wonder what exactly he is training? Is it in getting his socks at just the right height? Maybe getting his hair in just the right position? Because if he is actually training an aspect of his game he is doing something wrong as nothing is showing improvements. You look at someone like Harry Wilson, nothing special until you get to his striking of the ball. His technique is top class because that is what he constantly trains on. Alexander-Arnold spends a lot of time working on his delivery as well and it shows. But could you tell me what Grealish works on? I can't see an aspect of his game that shows a player that has put in extra work on it.}

18 Sep 2019 11:01:01
Imagine being a fan that has nicknames like that for players, can just tell you thrive on Villas failure, embarrassing. No ones questioning what you think of him as a player, your comments about him caring about what he looks like, the examples you used and saying that’s what effects his game, is just absolute BS, and it’s not coincidence that when I’ve clearly only asked you about them comments you’ve changed the subject to something else. If you say something, be a man and stand by it.

18 Sep 2019 11:15:52
Thank you very much Ed, that is the exact point I am trying to make.
I am not having a pop at the team or Deano, just the questionable hype surrounding a very average player in this league.
I watched the game with my son in law who is also a Liverpool fan and he agrees with me totally.
As I have said before, I really do hope he proves me wrong.
To be fair I probably would of not mentioned any of this if it had not been for the praise and hype heaped on his shoulders.
He really needs to wake up quick.

18 Sep 2019 11:40:55
Chris, when I say squad player I mean just that, all the players are squad players, are they not.
Answer me this, what would you call him then, the main man, the chosen one, you tell me.
I have said all this about Jack many times before, back when we were in the premiership, so please don`t tell me I am getting on a players back, its nothing new mate.
Can I ask why would you be embarrassed reading that I think Grealish is a squad player.
That old saying the truth usually hurts seems to ring true in this instance.

18 Sep 2019 11:44:16
you specifically said he let’s us down time and time again, can you explain that Dave?

18 Sep 2019 12:02:16
Squad Player implies not first team, when you hear managers talk they would usually say they have a first 11 and then squad players for rotation. So what your implying is Grealish isn’t good enough to be in the first 11 of the best side we could put out with the players we have at the club now. Which yes, is quite frankly embarrassing, if that’s not what your implying then I apologise but the terminology you used definitely seemed that way.

Comments like he let’s us down time and time again, can you explain that? With some actual facts and examples?

It isn’t exactly a good look admitting that you often get on players backs, Supporters are there to do exactly that, support the team, not pray on their downfall and thrive off their failure just so every few months after a bad you can say “always thought he wasn’t good enough”, did you watch most of last season with a blind fold on?

18 Sep 2019 12:04:35
I have never once said he let's us down time and time again.
What I did say was: an I quote:- that he fails to deliver time and time again.
Posted 21:04:38 yesterday.

18 Sep 2019 12:11:41
Fair enough, so how does he fail to deliver time and time again? (as it’s basically the same thing worded differently, failing to deliver = letting us down)

18 Sep 2019 12:17:31
Chris I am not going to keep justifying to you or anybody else what I think about any individual.
He said I said is not my game mate, I stated how I felt about a a player and his contribution to the team based on the hype surrounding him.
I feel he is a false idol, and that is how I stand on this one until it is proven otherwise.
So I will move over on this and leave you with your belief.

18 Sep 2019 12:28:34
Fair enough, don’t want you to justify anything, just when you put comments out there like “fail to deliver time and time again” some people might want that explaining, with some examples.

Well anyway, you said before he would never be good enough, and he was good enough to get us out the championship, hopefully for villas sake he proves you wrong again. Might be an idea just to give players some support👍.

18 Sep 2019 13:43:49
Well support Luiz and Nakamba then.
You have just said they were poor, and that is after one match that Nakamba making his prem debut in.
You have said they were poor and that`s fine, I said the same about Grealish Dooooh
The mind boggles mate.

18 Sep 2019 13:24:49
Chris I'm man enough to admit when I'm wrong Bruce for 1 example. Why don't you be a man and admit that Jack is just a average player? Thanks Ed for your reply. Chris again I will hold my hands up if I'm wrong but I doubt it on this one.

18 Sep 2019 15:22:10
Dave I said they were poor, you said Grealish is a squad player, let’s us down time and time again and you pointed out how you’ve never rated him - there’s a big difference. You seem desperate for him to fail, but I can’t work out why, he’s a fan just like yourself, his attitude and commitment can’t be questioned, so I can’t think why you come across like this to be honest, other than to boost your own ego because you’ve never rated him, as you said. Did you not rate him when he came back from injury last season?

Daz it’s not a question of admitting anything, I don’t think his average, so there’s nothing to admit. I don’t think his the second coming as some do but all you have to do is watch him to see he’s not average IMO. But it’s obviously an opinion shared by many, pundits, managers alike. He’s inconsistent and he hasn’t had the best start to the season attacking wise with just the one assist, but anyone who’s watched the games can pick out 3 chances minimum that have come from him where with better players on the end of it, they are goals.

There are average players in the squad in my opinion, very average, Taylor for one, Wesley. But what I won’t do unlike you is thrive off them having bad games, use it as some sort of floating point. For the fact that at the end of the day doesn’t matter who’s playing for Villa; colour, creed, hair cut or sock height, I want them to succeed and I’m desperate for them to play as best they can, admitting things like you having nicknames for players like “average jack” is so toxic and backwards as to what a fan is there to do, you may aswell be a blue nose.

18 Sep 2019 17:30:20
Haha Chris get a grip fella it's my opinion just like yours is yours again you are trying to twist it to make me sound as though I want him and the team to fail far from the truth there Chris I would love nothing more than Jack to prove me wrong but at this present time he is not performing simple as and as for saying I may as well be a bluenose your sir are truly scraping your barrel there.

18 Sep 2019 18:06:55
To call jack average and a squad player 🤣 makes you think these people have never played the game, or never had a clue what they were doing on a pitch 👀.

{Ed001's Note - and yet the only club that showed interest in him when you were in the Championship was Spurs, who buy crap. Obviously none of the big clubs have a clue right? You obviously know more than all those scouts that report back he is not good enough right?}

18 Sep 2019 18:09:14
I think grealish has great talent.
What I can see on the pitch is mostly that he is playing to deep.
If this is deenos plan I would say he has got it wrong.
When he plays 20 yds further up the field he makes a big difference to the team., .
Now I love Smith as our manager but he does do a few strange decisions with the team.
I don't like the 433 formation at all in my opinion
We are to easy to play against especially in midfield where we look overrun most of the times.

Jota is a skilful player but playing outside does not suit him.
He is always cutting inside and he lacks the required pace in that position.,
In fact wide players is a concern for me ours are not good enough.,
Trezeguet could be a better option when he gets used to the other players.
Very impressed with Gilbert who is the best signing this summer for me.
Engles also looks quality.
Wes I'm afraid does not look anywhere near a 22mill player but we need to give him longer than most to get used to premiership
2 up top would help him and the team but we have nobody who scores goals regularly.

I love Davis just needs goals to add to his game.
I would play him on Sunday.
But at the moment I'm happy enough with the progress .
I know we need more goals but this is the one area we need to sort out Christmas.
Defence looks more solid .
What fans need to realise where we was last year?
Very near to administration and we have come a long way in 12 months.
Just need more luck going our way and above all more balls hitting back of net!

18 Sep 2019 19:27:45
If Tottenham are crap then in our position I’d absolutely love to be crap😂😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - I never said that, but carry on, it is pointless talking to you as you have your head so far up Grealish's backside you are not going to listen to anything else. You have not even once said what makes him so great, just had personal digs against someone who disagreed with your opinion. Pointless bothering on this site, you can't have a conversation as you just all make it personal. I won't bother again.}

18 Sep 2019 20:45:37
Ed you are not packing it in are you mate.

{Ed001's Note - just not going to get involved in the conversation. It is pointless when it is always so personal and any opposing opinion is never discussed, just ridiculed. There is never a reply worth the bother, just people shouting down anyone with anything other than "everything is great and all the players are wonderful" to say.}

18 Sep 2019 21:23:28
He’s one of the few players we have who when gets on the ball at least tries to force the issue. but also equally Who can pick a pass, problem is the front 3 don’t offer enough movement at the moment. overall though ball retention is better than the majority of our players, tends to pick the right pass. a few passes went astray against West Ham but that was happening all throughout the game from both sides.
You can see he’s added a lot more to his overall game so far this season. fitness, strength, defensive side to his game have all impressed. Not all about glory of scoring goals playing in a midfield 3. maybe if we were a more established dominating side in this league, would be possible for jack to focus more on his attacking side and play more as a no.10, but the position we are in and likely to be in this year. aiming to stay up and then look to push on in coming seasons. would rather have jack playing how he has been in the 8 role, box to box. No one is trying to sell him as a worldie of a player right now, he’s a good player with massive potential who hopefully 🤞🏻 Will only get better. So for what we’ve got. jack is IMO rightfully one of the first names on team sheet.

18 Sep 2019 21:36:29
You have made some decent points Pricey, and he is a far stronger individual than he used to be.
I have a feeling that might be his reason for staying behind in training, his physique.
I hope he does not get muscle bound.

18 Sep 2019 21:39:37
The fact spurs were interested and they’re a top 4 side shows he must have potential and not just a Aston Villa squad player. right? 👀🤔.

18 Sep 2019 22:10:33
Firstly grealish never actually came out and claimed to be the next Messi or hazard (Not that I remember anyway)
We as the fans wanted him back from injury last season as soon as possible, and to be fair we would have never went on that run (without him) he lifted the hole club when he came back (fact).

Wasn't he the most fouled player in the championship over the last couple of seasons (he was targeted)
Hasn't he got a different type of player playing in front of him now with less movement and less pace.

Why are we expecting 1 player to carry us trough every game why are we as the fans of the club putting all this pressure on his shoulders typical of use the fans we have played 4 games what are some of you guys expecting this season? ( to give city and Liverpool a run) to a grip we are going to spend to season floating around relegation zone and hopefully we will have enough to stay up and build from that
We should be supporting what we not throwing them under the bus at every chance we get (thick and thin) springs to mind here guys.

18 Sep 2019 21:19:09
Fair play Ed, Feel stupid now, have sent another post while down on my knees.
Thought you were off mate. haha.

{Ed001's Note - don't worry mate. It is nice to be wanted! Makes a change.}



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