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17 Sep 2019 15:13:08
The effect of Jack Grealish on Aston Villa is showing again, think back we have been here before.
Having read a lot of peoples thoughts on tonight`s game, it appears most of us agree that Jack is struggling right now, (I will add again)
I just have a niggling feeling that he found his level in the Championship, and that the premiership is just beyond his comfort zone and capacity.
Last night we saw again how he struggles with his insight, speed, timing, and decision making.
All of that is causing us major problems because team mates are always looking to play him in, then when he gets the ball he makes two yards then gives it back to them.
Three time last night he could have shot, he hesitated then gave the ball away.
The burden of captaincy appears too heavy for him to carry at the moment, and I think it might help him rediscover some form if it were taken off him.
As my posts from the past will show I have never been a great admirer of Jack Grealish, yes I do agree he has a talent, but time and time again when push comes to shove his ability comes into question, and far too often he is found seriously wanting.
He will find a decent penetrating pass once maybe twice in a game, a shot on target maybe once every two games if we are lucky, if you are happy with that then fine.
For me all of that is very worrying.
For that reason I would like to see Mr Grealish warm the bench for a few games.

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17 Sep 2019 15:33:37
Dave I think your comments are a bit harsh, the lad has genuine talent and at times he is let down by others especially down the left. The premier is still a learning curve for many in the side Jack included, let's be patient, releive him if the captaincy and let him concentrate on his game, I for one think he will turn things around. We can see now why Southgate was reluctant to give him his England chance. So Jack up your game and show us how good you can be.

17 Sep 2019 16:12:34
Scotty I am very patient mate, I have said take the captaincy off him
and maybe it would help him.
Maddison didn`t need any learning curve, if you are good enough you will cope, Maddison is a far better player.
I am just saying this has happened before with Grealish, and my opinion is that maybe he is not the player we all hoped he would be?
Remember this is an opinion of one player because of all the ranting and raving of how good he is.
Nothing to do with Villa and Deano.

17 Sep 2019 17:34:56
Have to agree with Dave here he seems more interested in how he looks than how he plays. The play off final when you see him just about to walk up the steps looking around asking for a banner to tie round his neck when a photographer takes a picture of him holding the cup he asks to have a look at the photo to make sure he looks OK and when he was interviewed holding a tissue over that graze from the cup mate get a grip have you ever had a paper cut Jack? For me he wants to be a modern day Goergeie Best but with out the skill and flamboyance.

17 Sep 2019 17:52:13
Daz we were all waxing lyrical when he was back from injury and spearheading our end of season run, scoring spectacular goals and getting villa park rocking again, give the bloke a chance.

17 Sep 2019 18:14:58
Why is grealish constantly compared to Maddison? I think anyone who has seen them play can tell you Maddison is the better player.

But at the same time Maddison is in a better team with better players around him. I was at the game last night and can’t remember 3 times where he could have shot and didn’t, once maybe in the first half. He had two men on him at times last night and still managed to be at the heart of everything we did. He buckled under the pressure when they went down to 10 but so did McGinn, so did the rest of the team, why is it he gets the rough ride.

El Ghazi was absolutely awful last night and Wesley was even worse, I can’t understand the criticism of Grealish when he created our best chance and others who added absolutely nothing are getting away with it, is it because he’s the Villa fan?

17 Sep 2019 18:27:00
Like I said scotty, that was in the championship, yes he was good.
And the goals, he scored 6 last year, his best year ever.
He has only scored 20 goals in 8-9 years and only 1 of those goals came in the prem from 34 games.
That is not good enough no matter how you dress it up.
Look I am just saying what I see and feel, not through claret and blue glasses, the panel is still out for me.

17 Sep 2019 18:54:54
Chris, El Ghazi and Wesley are not being classed or touted as some sort of Messiah.
And I mentioned Maddison because comparisons have been made before, and scotty said that the prem is a learning curve, it is granted but Maddison took no time at all to adjust, where Grealish has been there before.
As far as Maddison having better players round him, he was still streets ahead when he was at Norwich.
I am not knocking the team at all in this, just making a point about a player who is getting an awful lot of praise for doing very little.

17 Sep 2019 20:01:25
If he was streets ahead at Norwich how come he left, yet jack stayed and got his club promoted coming back from injury and taking us to the play offs? I’m just playing devils advocate, Maddison imo is the best midfielder England has atm, of that mould.

But I still think the players around him help him, before this weekend (I haven’t checked since) only De Bruyne had more key passes than Grealish in the league.

I think it’s all just how we all interpret games, it what makes football so popular. I just saw last night as both Grealish and McGinn were brilliant defensively helping to limit them to one shot, but both struggled going forward because the three infront of them were abysmal, Elmo made a difference just because his willingness to cross the ball, but Jota struggles out wide due to lack of pace, El Ghazi is an exceptional talent but his brain or lack off when he gets the ball kills any momentum we have, and Wesley is fastly becoming a dud, offers no runs, his hold up play is mediocre as he wins the ball then runs toward our own goal for 20 yards before laying it off, he’s got no strikers instincts and his attitude seems awful, sulks every five minutes.

You put proactive players like Barnes, Vardy, Gray, Perez and Albrighton infront of both Jack and McGinn and it would be a different story.

17 Sep 2019 21:04:38
I am talking Grealish chris, not all the others you have mentioned.
Its Grealish who is held in such high esteem and promises everything but fails to deliver time and time again, like I say this is nothing new for me, it was just a matter of time before this problem was going to be mentioned.
At the moment and on current form he is no more than a squad player to me.
Sorry mate that`s my belief and I am sticking to it, hope he proves me wrong.
I can take any and all the flak that goes with this, so feel free.

17 Sep 2019 22:44:08
Squad player 🤯🤔🤣😱

I’m not sure on that! Maddison took to it so good right away he’s only just getting in England squad after a full season in prem.

18 Sep 2019 07:59:12
I think that’s debate closed there, “fails to deliver time and time again”, less than 12 months ago we had won 1 in 13, the season was over and we were championship for another year, yet he comes back, drags us on a 10 match winning run and gets us up through the play offs. Yet 5 games into the premier league season and he’s nothing more than a squad player and never delivered, that has got to be one of the most embarrassing things I’ve read on here.

Ive never understood the mentality of getting on players backs when things aren’t going right, and I’ve never understood why some players get singled out as the scape goat. The lad was brilliant defensively and had more attacking threat that anyone other than McGinn on Monday, yet because he hasn’t put the team on his back, ran round ten players and won us the game he’s “just a squad player”.

This is from 3 years ago,
"04 Feb 2017 20:44:53
Grealish is a liability, and will never be good enough for us, it is showing already he is too comfortable at VP and will end up the same as Gabby.
Also too slow for me guys, the bloke never changes anything does the same thing every game."

Guess who from? That liability turned out to be our shining light in the championship, but hey ho, let’s right him off again. Football fans really are the most fickle.



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