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01 Sep 2019 23:48:02
Yes the ref robbed us yesterday, but that decision was in extra time at the end of the game, stop moaning you lot, over the season it'll even itself out, why aren't we talking about another minimum 1 point we missed out on, we have a squad that should be doing a whole lot better but ain't, smith doesn't know his best side and we're going to end up doing a Fulham, " great squad, too good to go down and yet they did, if Smith has got any cahoonas he should give mings the captaincy, play jack further up the pitch to unlock defences, drop trezeguet and play a more compact system to get some points on the board, b#ll#cks to playing fancy Dan football, take a leaf out of Burnley, get the points on the board first, and then think about playing more expansive football as the season progresses, you boys need to wake up and see we're already in the sh#te with a team that's obviously untested at this level, remember pride comes before a fall, so either Smith gives his head a wobble or the owners will bin him, this isn't sport, this is business to them, you can stick sentiment where the sun doesn't shine, we need points, not EXCUSES-LIVELY!

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02 Sep 2019 05:59:35
Wow agreed with that mate but the owners said we are a year ahead of schedule so it looks like we do have good players there just not ready at the min 4 the prem. I don't want to sack smith because he will get it right in the end but i do think switching to a 352 would help. UTV.

02 Sep 2019 06:34:41
All that rubbish about sticking with the manager and the team lasted a long time didn't it?
There's reasons our fans get a bad name and you're one of them.

02 Sep 2019 08:14:15
He was one more sentence away from “being back Brucey! ”, calm down.

02 Sep 2019 09:22:00
Agreed Walkies, we all want Smith to remain and be a screaming success, but personally I think we're way to open and being honest, predictable, like you said jack needs to play behind the front 2,and what's our plan B then?, as for giving us a bad name for not sticking by the manager or team, grow up, if you realise your doing something that isn't working, are you telling me you just keep shtoom and carry on until it either works or you have to take extreme measures to change it?

whether you like or loath them, look at Sheffield United at the weekend, poor in the first half, so wilder mixed it up and got a good away point, if we can't impose ourselves on the likes of palace who are pants at home, then I'm looking forward to hearing all the excuses trotted out when we play citeh or the scousers, because they'll tonk us in the double figures for sure, a horrible thought for sure, but this back the manager and it'll be alright guff is tosh.

Smith needs to take the team by the scruff of the neck, and alter his system quickly, the question needs asking, or would you rather wait till after 10 games, before you start thinking is there a plan b, do you think the likes of trezeguet will put a shift in, he's a show pony, a lazy player, there's no urgency to get the ball back, no closing down the opposition, our fitness levels aren't where they should be and if your the opposition, all you need to do is mark the big man out of the game and who steps up?

if you think our system and style of play is going to set the prem on fire then good luck with that, we've no guile or intensity, we give the ball away too much and have no other plan, apart from that I think we were lucky against Everton, and if all you can say about the palace game is a var decision cost us, then how come we didn't put the game to bed in the previous 90 minutes?, West ham up next, we need 3 points defo. from this game, in Dean we trust, i just hope the players put a shift in for him, and us!

02 Sep 2019 13:24:06
From that I’m taking it you missed Smith bringing on 2 centre backs, playing 4 across the middle after a poor first half and down to 10 men. And it was one of them subs who scored the goal which by the book should have gave us the point. I’m not sure how else he could of mixed it up.

02 Sep 2019 13:29:09
It's 4 matches into a new season with the majority of a team that have been there 2 months so yeah I think we need to wait 10-15 matches before we know exactly what the team are capable of.
This lot are performing much better than the Sherwood/ Garde crew imo.
Take away 2 silly mistakes at Bournemouth and the ref from Palace and we could have been on 4/ 7 points. We were never going to be able to dominate games from the off.
Palace are statistically poor at home but they were decent enough against us. Some of that was down to us but just because a side has been bad somewhere doesn't mean they always are.

02 Sep 2019 16:59:37
Wow some of you guys are on drugs 😂😂

We played pretty poorly, however we have no Devine right to win any match against any team in the league

Also note that the entire game was disrupted by the referee booking our players needlessly time and time again . Meaning they was walking a tightrope fearing getting sent off which inevitably happened .

Kevin Friend is a joke of a ref, with no consistency and was not booking palace players for similar fouls

Four games into the new season and it’s already started . It’s just boring! If we was on 6 points we would be in 8th place! Let’s get a reality check .

I also may add that we have only won one game at Selhurst Park in 40 years!

02 Sep 2019 18:47:41
Great points Kenn and Chris.
Well said 👍🏼👍🏼.

02 Sep 2019 18:48:17

02 Sep 2019 20:24:33
😂😂😂 Chris . maybe we should just go the whole hog and bring in Tony Pullis . After all he has premier league experience 🤪😜😂😂😱😱😱😱😱😱

I love Aston Villa, I also take on board all opinions . However if your going to talk absolute bull 💩 then be prepared for someone like me to call you crazy feckers out

82 and WTW . give your little heads a wobble boys .

#sameold 💩

We have spent £150 on new players . We have no devine right to win games . We have brought players in order to compete with rival premier league teams .

Back the players and the manager.



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