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20 Oct 2018 21:02:52
Perfect result today. Pleased for Deano. He should be pleased with the game overall. Performance was 7/10 which is an improvement. McGinn! What can you say? Brilliant performance. 9/10.
Atmosphere was ok. 6/10. I guess we're still carrying a bit of the Bruce era around with us.
Difficult away games coming up. UTV!

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21 Oct 2018 08:15:54
Good result yesterday from what I saw in the highlights. I'm not going to trust Smith 100 % quite yet. But he seems to be the right man for Villa in ages and if he continues firing up the squad, then there is hope for us.

By the way, he presented the right tactics and formations. Up the Villa!

21 Oct 2018 11:41:52
Hnchmch, we are here again, one game and you don’t trust him 100%, why say that.
Then you say he seems the right man for Villa, blimey we have to be the most cynical fans in the country.
This guy is Villa through and through, give him some credit, and trust.
I would like to know your reasons for not trusting him, what has he done wrong, has he offended you, has he told any lies, has he slated anyone, are his training methods out of date, please tell me.

21 Oct 2018 13:30:17
Deano did what was needed we won the game!
Why do fans criticise after 1 game is behond me
Get behind the man for f**k sake.

21 Oct 2018 17:43:35
Just a little point - Chelsea v Manchester United attendance 40,000 ( just over ) Aston Villa v Swansea 41,000 (just over) . Brilliant work Villa fans 😊😊.

22 Oct 2018 01:22:34
We have got the best fans, we could pack out 50thou if our ground was that and once were back in prem.

22 Oct 2018 14:22:34
No, Villadave. The only reason that I didn't trust him completely was that he has managed one win at home against Swansea so far. I mean, that not hard to accomplish. I'm not being negative, I'm just being realistic. I do want Smith to succeed, of course. And if he manages to create more victories and qualify Aston Villa to the Premier League, then we must definitely keep him. For the rest of his career! Several managers who have come in since Martin O'Neill left have not been successful. I just don't want to see that again with Smith, that's all.

22 Oct 2018 15:08:07
Have faith Hnchmchl85 everything will be fine.
Thank you for your reply.



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