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07 Jul 2018 11:26:53
Why is everybody moaning for we still have a strong Championship side plus some very good youth players. Sell Grealish and we will be fine. Even if he wanted to spend huge amounts of money he can't FFP says you can only spend what you bring in. Terry and all the loans let us down last season at wembley.

they didn't want it enough. i am glad they're gone. We have good youth and a strong team, get behind them. Nothing wrong with the owner, he's told us clear we can't just keep spending and spending without bringing anything in. business don't work like that. get a grip and buy a T shirt.

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07 Jul 2018 12:50:35
There is still a fine side there. What do we know:

1. Deadly Doug and Randy Lerner were excellent owners who ran the financial side of the club prudently. And those Villa fans who criticised Ellis but especially Lerner were utterly wrong.

2. The Dr does not want to sell - the loss of face issue will be very important to him. Important to understand that cultural dimension. It will explain a lot of what is going on.

3. No one has started due diligence, which is another clue that there is no imminent takeover underway. Not that the Dr looks like selling AVFC.

4. The Doc's plan to find a minority investor is flawed. There will be few investors willing to handover money without any sort of strategic control. Especially the sort of money that is needed.

5. Player sales will happen and the money received will flow into the club over 3-5 years, to allow the club to plan expenditure. Example: Grealish goes to Spurs for £25 million. That 25 million will be received by Villa over a 5 year period.

6. Bruce is likely to walk or at least, find an excuse to leave. He is a chequebook manager who likes spending money on transfers and wages. He will not be happy at having his budget cut. Have a look at what happened at Hull. I would expect Bruce to leave shortly before the start of the season, with some sort of "irreconciliable differences" relating to "broken promises".

7. Administratoin is not going to happen. AVFC, thanks to Ellis, has solid land ownership, which offers a contingent reserve.

8. AVFC has a sold fan base, which adds additional resiliance.

9. The club needs to stabilise its finances, through sound austerity measures. Once complete, the club will be able to benefit. This might take a few years to complete.

Not worried at all.

07 Jul 2018 13:22:08
Terry/ snoddy/ grabban all played well and showed heart for our club.
'Nothing wrong with owner'
You high, for someone who said he has 500mil in bank we can't pay our bills on time. Yes ffp stops us buying players doesn't stop us paying bills. And he himself has said he looking for investment to help run the club.
Owner is a joker and turned club into a joke.

07 Jul 2018 13:25:40
Really not worried Dave?

07 Jul 2018 13:41:53
Have not got a problem with Bruce staying,
It's just the idea of him with our young players,
He will ruin them with his style of hoof -ball,
He likes the older experienced type of players with no sell on value,
This is what worries me this season
There is one thing which could be in our favour.
The expectation level will not be so high with most of our better players all leaving,
But mid-table is where I see them finishing.

08 Jul 2018 10:20:58
Bruce wouldn't set out to ruin our future however I wouldn't trust him 100% with it. My biggest concern is playing 4/ 5 of them each week, youth is great but there's a reason Bruce didn't play them last season and that is because they will get bullied. Everyone says the championship is the hardest league in the world and it is. We need to get the balance right jack got kick to pieces last season and these boys will not be able to handle it if we play 4/ 5 kids each week we will be mid table at the very best but more likely fighting relegation.

08 Jul 2018 13:36:17
You say our young players will get bullied!
I recall Davis coming into the side and he was very aggressive and held up the ball really well,
Then Bruce left him out altogether and we never saw him again,
He was a link to our midfield and things looked better,
Bruce is not a young players type of manager.
That is my only gripe about him plus his negative tactics,
I do hope he has learned by this for this coming season.

08 Jul 2018 14:13:47
I said if we played 4 or 5 youngsters we would get bullied and I stand by that we've got to get the balance right playing youngsters is the way forward I agree but in moderation 1/ 2 at a time. Our youngsters are talented there's no doubt about it but there's so much pressure at our club at the moment and i think it would be unfair to put that pressure on there shoulder and IMO they wouldn't handle it.

08 Jul 2018 14:51:08
We won't know if the young players can handle the pressure or not if Bruce does not play them,
I think 4 or 5 would hack it if I'm honest,
Plus they would give us the thing we missed last season pace in forward area's,
We will see what Bruce does about it.

08 Jul 2018 17:02:23
How do we know how good or bad our young players are if the manager doesn't play them an I'm not talking about 1 or 2 games here or there, I'm talking a good 20 games, u play them and they will get better yes they will have there bad days that's expected because there young, but Bruce will not play them anyway he doesn't like play youngsters an doesn't like playing attacking football, he likes his slow paced dinasaur tacticts, but we are stuck with him now because of our chairmen an anyway would u trust him to appoint another good manager I don't think so he'd probably appointed Maradona as our manager, both Bruce an rdm been bad appointments in my eyes.



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