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09 Jun 2018 10:39:36
Hi my fellow Villa fans, I have just been thinking and I still don't know so thought I would ask you guys is these money problems because Dr. Tony can't get money out of China? Or is it because he is in fact not that rich and brought the club and just used parachute payments and loans to run it and when that ran out left us screwed?

I just don't see how long term he can keep the club going. doesn't look like to me that he wants to sell if he can help it. I remember when he 1st brought it nobody could find how much he was worth and its left me worried. UTV.

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11 Jun 2018 20:36:56
Many posters asked the same question when it was announced that Deadly was selling to the Dr.
No body seemed able to answer and I would hazard a guess that there will not be an answer forthcoming.
Some years back Man U were "sold" to a geezer who worked on the idea that he could pay off the buying price by monthly payments. In the end he went off to a northern club and may still be there.
Many business's are bought on the expected turnover to come so the Dr has not invented anything new.
What is going on suggests that the Dr has limited wealth and unfortunately we were told this by supporters of other clubs at the time of the change.
What is happening does make me think that the Dr is not what we thought originally, if he was he should be able to rake out the £40m that we need!

11 Jun 2018 23:44:03
Deadly sold the Dr old villan?

12 Jun 2018 13:44:05
Deadly was selling to the Dr.
After the process yes, he sold to the Dr.
The essence of the post is to question the Dr's ability to actually buy AVFC with his own money.
It does seem that he does not have the ready cash as it stands at this momen t.

12 Jun 2018 15:36:06
Except it was Lerner who sold it, not Doug? It may have ended badly but he still owned the club. We can't delete him like WWE tried to do with Hulk Hogan.



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