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27 Dec 2017 00:20:41
Just got back from the match gutted I have stuck up for Bruce even tho you know I don't like him I think he has ran out of ideas. Why doesn't he keep playing Whelen his costing us goals week in week out. We are a old team and we look our age aswel big jeds legs have gone aswel so putting them both together who was going to do the runing?

Now His style of play does get criticised but we don't mind as long as it gets results when it doesn't then you start to wonder what's going on. We can't pass to each other we hoof the ball none stop to whoever is upfront and quite frankly something has to change.

I have give Bruce a chance but its not going to work we need a manager with a philosophy. I hope Bruce turns it around but long term his not the man for me. I pay a lot of money going to every game as Villa fans we all want to win but we deserve better. wouldn't it be great if we had Dean Smith a Villa fan who plays great football we was taught a footballing lesson again.

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27 Dec 2017 08:47:29
What was the footballing lesson? How to play against a team who make 5 errors a half? Not really a lesson is it, we were poor and handed them the game, last season they showed what they can do against us, last night was nothing special, they didn’t exactly play us off the park.

27 Dec 2017 12:14:28
Chris I agree.
I hate, with a passion when fans turn on a manager, let alone players, I think I have made this point a lot over the years, but. as much a nice guy as I believe Bruce is, time has ran out, I can’t make anymore excuses for him, either on here, or in my own head.
I hold my hands up and say I was wrong.

If the club acts quickly. we can salvage what is sinking quickly.

I like the Dean Smith approach. Attractive proper football, the way we should play.
I seriously think we have the team to win this league, let alone play offs. but we do not play the way villa should, let alone these players.

27 Dec 2017 12:28:18
I agree, chrisAVFC. But the main problem is that Bruce's tactics and formations don’t work well enough. I honestly could have done it much better than him, a 4-2-4 formation. For example I would have used Bjarnason and O’Hare in central midfield, Davis and Hogan at the top, De Laet instead of Hutton and I would have switched the positions of Chester and Elphick to central defender left and central defender right respectively. And I would have had these substitute players: Steer, Bree, Richards, Hourihane, Onomah, Grealish and Hepburn-Murphy. And I guarantee you all Aston Villa fans that I would have won that match.

27 Dec 2017 12:44:34
You would of won that match playing a formation that had 2 midfielders?
I guarantee you wouldn’t of won it.

27 Dec 2017 14:37:40
1, Does Steve Bruce have a philosophy that runs through the club = NO. 2, Does he have a good style of play? = NO. 3, Does he pick the players on form or favoritism? = favoritism 4, Would he be any good in the Premier League = NO. 5, Do fans like lisening to Steve Bruce = NO he says the same thing over an over again. 6, Does he get results = NO. The Answer simple get a new manager who can clear out all these out donkeys at the end of the season either play youth or by better younger players and get a manager who has a philosophy and a pattern of play. Dean Smith or oscar Garcia.

27 Dec 2017 16:28:22
I want a manager with an idea and who gets the best out of the players we have, just pointing out anyone would of beaten us yesterday, it was not a footballing lesson.

27 Dec 2017 21:18:38
I'm not saying Brenford were fantastic but because they have such a good manager they passed the ball well created chances. This is a Steve Bruce side now they're old lack pace hunger and ideas followed by a dinosaur manager who has no plan or style just hoof hoof hoof. surely you must watch other clubs and think why don't we play like that? Garry Monk was sacked and Boro are higher than us what's that saying?

We need to find a manager that plays with a philosophy. If you look at klopp wenger the Huddersfield manager the youth play the same style as the 1st team so do the reserves it works its a plan you look at the way Villa play its like kids in a play ground kicking it and running after it facts are he shouldn't of been appointed and he should be sacked. People who go to all the games no how bad we are people who watch soccer saturday don't realise and I think they could be the Bruce fans because they don't have to watch it!



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