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16 Dec 2017 23:46:03
Just got back from derby and before everybody goes over the top I think we played well we just lack a striker. We do need to stop gifting teams goals but overall I think we was ok let's not be silly and say Bruce out or sell this player if we had Kodjia today we would of won we are a playoff team end of. Spare a thought for Birmingham City hahaha UTV On to the next one!

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17 Dec 2017 08:23:13
Can’t argue with that, more possession, more shots on goal. One man gifted them a goal then we had to go for it and they snatched another right at the death, if we had a goalscorer uptop it would have been 1-1 before the 70th minute, hogan missed two good chances, I think we need to give up on him now it doesn’t work, as much as people say “we don’t play to his strengths” his a striker, his strengths should be scoring, he gets regular chances whenever he plays and always seems to fail.

17 Dec 2017 12:25:44
It s becoming a case of ifs, If Kodjia this, if so and so that, the fact is if Sh-t was rice pudding there would be no world starvation.
Also lads we had more possession yes, but shots on target no way, they had 8 to our 2-3.
Sorry but that's how it is.

17 Dec 2017 16:34:13
What do you expect, we have no strikers and a very high injury record there's not a lot Bruce can do there's no money to spend don't you think your being harsh what can he do with out kodjia we are screwed hogan an gabby aren't anything.

17 Dec 2017 17:49:43
Not sure who you are answering wtw.
If it is me, I am giving my opinion on how I see it, we did not play a striker yesterday, why not, that is Steve Bruce`s fault is it not.
You will not score goals unless you have a pop at goal, we mess about too much doing nothing, and to be fair to Hogan he has not had a long enough run in the side.
This is where Bruce has to step up to the plate and tell his squad to play to Hogan`s strengths.
Football is very much a confidence sport, if Hogan scored a couple I am sure he would regain his.
Play and use what we have, Bruce I feel is not doing that enough, use O`hare and Mckirdy freshen things up a bit.

17 Dec 2017 18:27:30
Although I agree with nearly all of what you’ve said Dave I can’t have the hogan lines, he gets chances every time he plays and misses them, he’s had extended runs in the team, he’s had every type of service possible and he just doesn’t do it, I’m resigned to the fact we’ve brought a dud. Sometimes certain players and clubs just don’t fit and this seems like one of them, thing is every time I see him on the team sheet bench or first 11 I want him to do well, more than anyone else because he has had awful injuries in the short time he’s been here, and if he found half the form he had at Brentford then we’d be comfortably play offs, but it just doesn’t ever happen. The only thing I think we haven’t given enough of a chance is him and Davis uptop in a simple 442, other than that he has had everything, and I can’t see us going with the 442 because Bruce wants a number 10 so he can get grealish in. We are bottom feeders, kind of like Lukaku, we’ll do really well against anyone we should be beating, if we play someone in and around us it’s only ever going to be 1 or 0 points.

17 Dec 2017 19:32:22
Chris although I agree with most of what you say in your post I must go back to Hogan, I think you will
find Hogan has made 31 appearances for us, some of those are off the bench so not a full game, only minutes.
Those 31 games include his signing and debut that really need to start with you hitting the ground running, also the two unfortunate injuries that he has suffered.
For me that is hardly a good run in the side, match fitness has to be regained after injuries as well.
I still think he would be I deal for us because of his mobility, he needs a player up font with him, and people behind who can see a pass and his intensions.

17 Dec 2017 19:42:42
Villa Dave, I think the reason Hogan and Gabby didn't start is simple they only just made the bench there no where near fit. I agree we need a striker but we need to box clever with them both if we rush them back and they get injured its going to spell even more trouble for us. We didn't play bad just a bit unlucky.

I can tell you now what we are watching is know where near the way Bruce wants to play but injurys are forcing his hand. Bruce hasn't spent a lot of money what I will say is this Hogan style excuse doesn't wash he has had chances and time in the team but his been rubbish its just not worked out for him.

At 1st I wasn't a Bruce fan but no way is it his fault its just bad look. Liverpool don't use strikers nobody says Klopp made a mistake. let's all stick together and get behind the team. Together we are stronger we Win together we lose together UTV.

17 Dec 2017 20:45:33
Hopefully we see Davis and Hogan up top soon Dave, with Hourihane or Lansbury to feed him, with Snodgrass now in the team there’s someone else who would be able to find him and pick him out, and to be fair whenever Jedinak is played in his proper position he seems to be one of the best players we’ve got playing the ball, add John Terry to that and I think that’s the best shot we’ve got of making Hogan work. Hopefully it’s not too long before we see it, Davis as the out ball when under pressure to get us out, Hogan the ball in behind when we’re attacking, Adomah to carry the ball forward, Jedinak winning everything in the middle and Hourihane and Snodgrass playing it forward.

17 Dec 2017 21:03:52
Wtw, if they ain`t fit as you say they should not be on the bench should they.
If you read my post properly, I said use O`hare and Mckirdy to freshen things up a bit.
I am sticking together, I don't dislike Bruce, I just think he is lacking in some parts of his management ideas.

17 Dec 2017 23:32:57
The thing about Aston Villa is come Saturday there is about 32000 managers out there in the crowd. If Steve Bruce who watches the team in training everyday decides that these players aren't good enough to get in his team I will back him for the reason being what do I know I don't watch them in trining he wants to win more than anybody belive me if they was good enough they would be in the team. In years to come they might be good enough but at the moment I don't belive they are. What we need is a bit of help I believe that some of the senior players are letting us down to get promoted you got to want it and sometimes they don't show up. We need to work harder and stand together. UTV.

18 Dec 2017 10:25:42
Yeh sounds ok to me Chris, fingers crossed and all that.
Still a bit worried about us making the playoffs though, consistency is a big concern, and as you say beating the teams above and around us is a problem.



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