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25 Oct 2017 21:55:32
Just thinking with davis playing up top, and kodja not quite fit yet an prem clubs after him would any1 swap him for gayle off newcastle i would while u love kodja hez sometimes lazy an greedy . while gayles a natural goal scorer for me be good deal an he was championships top scorer last season.

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26 Oct 2017 07:19:40
Gayles a good goal scorer but he’s too similar to Hogan, wouldn’t work in our team. Kodjia carries the ball forward, players like Hogan and Gayle need the ball when their already in the box, not 30 yards before it as they aren’t going to skin 2/ 3 players and drive it forward.

26 Oct 2017 22:15:00
In hindsight, if we'd have bought Gayle at the start of last season for a third of the price Supermac and Kodgia cost, we'd be in the Prem already


27 Oct 2017 10:25:10
Don’t know how you work that one out Ally, maybe if we didn’t buy McCormack but got Kodjia and Gayle. If we just brought Gayle we’d have a situation exactly the same as when Kodjia was injured, a man up front who doesn’t fit the system.

27 Oct 2017 17:05:49
Kodjia and Supermac cost roughly £25M, Gayle cost Newcastle around £8M, divide £25M by £8M and you get about a third or 33.33%, give or take a couple of percent. and from memory, I'd say 75% of posters on here wanted Gayle and Kodjia wasn't on anyone's radar? Those fees are from what I can remember at the time, prove me wrong?


27 Oct 2017 18:25:03
Wasn’t questioning the maths, was questioning the thought of 1 striker who missed 3 months of the season, who scored only 4 more goals than Kodjia did, getting us to the premier league. Baring in mind that from what we’ve seen of strikers of that style (hogan) in our system, Gayle wouldn’t of got as many goals as he did. So unless he does an unreal amount of defensive work I don’t know about, I don’t understand how you work out that if we had just signed him and non of the other two strikers we would be in the premier league.

27 Oct 2017 18:59:04
RDM had a system? or are you talking about the system we play now which has no relevance to back then. Rewind to the last season we still had Gestede (big man, like Davis, proven at Championship level in a poor team) could've had Gayle (sniffer, goalscorer) Hogan was bought in January, so that's irrelevant to my hindsight quote, from August to January was where we blew it and with them 2 up top and money freed up for a better quality midfield/ supply to the forwards, could of stormed it. Lot of what ifs with Villa I'm afraid?


27 Oct 2017 19:48:20
I think there’s too many ifs and buts to say if we had of signed Gayle we’d be in the prem. your basing this on the fact he would of suited RDM system? He’s one man, it wouldn’t of solved the serious defending problems we had and weakness after the 85th minute. Or your basing this on Gayle and Gustede (who failed to perform before he was sold) forming such a formidable partnership they would of over come the leaking defence and scored enough to fire us to the prem? And signing him means more money for midfield, not like money was an object back then, RDM signed whoever he wanted so we would of had the same midfield irrelevant of what we spent else where. I think there’s a lot of what ifs in life, but theirs too many what ifs, and presumptions of what other outcomings it would have lead to, to make a statement like “if we’d signed Gayle at the start of last season we’d be in the prem already”. Equally so, if we hadn’t of lost 4-0 to arsenal in the FA cup, we would have won the league the following year.

27 Oct 2017 20:33:39
Instead of what ifs, let's say should ofs, and what I'm saying is we should of bought Gayle, should of spent money in other areas in particular a keeper, and should of had a manager more proven than RDM at Championship level. We're doing fine now, I think we'll go up, there's still something missing though, if it takes Kodjia leaving for decent money to sort what's missing, I'd settle for that, and my own personal view is that Davis/ Hogan would be a better pairing than any other permutations we have right now, think Kodjia needs to show some fight for his place or to get his move?


27 Oct 2017 20:44:50
Shame we have to lose a brilliant player to fund other areas, because of rules, but if it come to that, I’d do it. Take the money, get another back up striker, go with Davis and hogan up top. However against the “better” teams like Fulham, can davis lead the line alone the way Kodjia does? He did it once against Norwich but drew a blank the next game.

28 Oct 2017 08:18:49
I just agreed with you Chris, must be because it's nearly the season of goodwill and all that 👍🏻




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