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23 Aug 2017 23:12:34
Whether we want to keep kodjia or not makes no difference, as long as he's fit and not having a mare, he's off in january, he would have joined fernebache this summer but got injured, his agent has been touting him around to clubs here and abroad all summer, as long as he proves he's back on form he'll be doing the frankie bough, more worringly is those raving gunners have been scouting andre green and might join bournemouth in making a bid if not now, then january, o'hare and davis have been scouted by manc. citeh, so its time to get steve round to get his finger out and sort some new contracts out, as some of you boys have mentioned on here already, ffs let's not let the cream of our young squad get nabbed on the cheap., their the future for sure, with them who needs dodgy mercenaries, homegrown all the way.

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24 Aug 2017 05:36:08
Nailed it 82 πŸ‘πŸ»


24 Aug 2017 09:31:38
Yea mate, maybe in your world all of that is true, in the real world however. not so much.

24 Aug 2017 11:30:25
So what you're saying is that we shouldn't tie our youth down to long contracts then.? and you don't think that clubs would be looking at a 20 a season goal scorer? By hitting the disagree button on 82's post that means that you don't?


24 Aug 2017 11:46:23
Or maybe people disagree that Kodjia agent has been touting him around all summer, it is enevitable no matter what happens he will be sold in January, that the gunners have been scouting Andre Green, and Man City who have their own world class youth system with players breaking into their squad that will be challenging for the premier league and competing in the highest club competition this season are looking to steal our youth players. Seems to me Classof82 believes the papers way too much and has got a little too carried away after we played a load of youth lads in a cup game. Your reply was so selective Ally it's boardering on Trump territory.

24 Aug 2017 12:47:26
So many flaws in your thinking that I could go with but as someone has said before on here, I'm dizzy from going round in circles with ya, so I'll keep my thoughts to myself and let you have the last word like you try to do with every thread πŸ€—


24 Aug 2017 13:30:04
Chris, the kodjia link to fernebache isn't a paper rumour, its widely known he and his agent were looking for a loan move at the very least, fernebache said they they wanted him, and he was going to activate the clause in his contract to go out on loan (now why would he want a loan clause inserted if he was all about staying with us is up to everyone to decide? ), and his agent HAS been active in letting it be known his client now wishes to play european club football regularly (and i'm guessing a hefty pay rise too), as for the citeh rumour, not sure that one has been in the papers, got told that by someone who saw them coming to all level of games since the second half of last season, as for green, same thing, bournemouth and palace have been open about their interest, the gunners as usual have been watching him on the sneak for months, they've been keeping it quiet because (as i'm sure your aware) in the past they've pilfered our youth team players;such as our youth club captain and and generally behaved in a less than gentlemanly manner in how they conduct themselves, the big i am scenario, i hope kodjia does stay because for what he brings, we couldn't afford to replace him for anything less than 40 mill (in my opinion), but let's see what happens, i reckon if we take the league by storm he'll stay, anything else, don't be surprised if our loyal centre forward all of a sudden plays the loan card, be that for fernebache, or whichever club here or in europe is looking for a proven striker to help them stay up, and as for your take on citeh, and their world class system, i remember them saying they had no interest in raheem sterling and then, boom, signed, sealed and delivered, citeh definitely are sniffing around davis, can't say as i blame them, he reminds me of danny welbeck-but with a brain! and on another note, have your heard yet Ally if mcshortfarces' house is being emptied, we could with sunderland grabbing him asap!

24 Aug 2017 13:32:09
Please do point them out mate, sorry I don't agree that if people press the dislike button on something it means they don't agree with 3 points out of about 8. Don't be upset.

24 Aug 2017 13:50:59
82 - you could well be correct on everything, however you present no real evidence what so ever. Can you provide any evidence of; city being interested in Davies, Arsenal watching Green for months (can't see what they've been watching for months, he's made a handful of appearances), they've hardly raided our youth ranks, in stuck after Dan Crowley. You've taken the Kodjia stuff straight out of the papers, the doctor confirmed no such clause existed so don't understand how your still "being told" that. All I pointed out was that on the basis of probability and when you weigh things up, such as city's youth team, it makes zero sense for them to be interested in two championship youth lads who have 3 league appearances between them. Ally seems upset because I pointed out that just because people press the dislike button doesn't mean they don't agree with everything you've said - a bit precious to be honest. The three things he pointed out are 3 things every villa fan will agree on, however the rest you can't expect people to go on with no real evidence just "I got told" and stuff taken straight out of the back pages.

24 Aug 2017 15:18:18
How's that kid doing for Citeh that they got off Fulham for Β£10M+? and Crowley that Arsenal 'stole' off us? They're young English players being bought to get those teams quotas of 'home grown' players, despite having the most 'amazing' youth academies? As for Kodjia and his agent, do you think he sits on his hands for his 10%? Ain't seen Kodjia advertising razor blades or shampoo lately so how could he possibly make more for his 10%? πŸ€”

Money is God in football, you or I would stay at Villa for the whole of our career if they'd have us, the modern day footballer wouldn't (Gabby on Β£50K p.w. probs the exception lol) and on top of this Dr Tony is a businessman, he owns our club and i'm sure he has his heart in it but money makes money, football ain't about a pie and a pint watching you heroes any more, its dog eat dog. We were expected to go up at the 1st attempt, it didn't happen and would understand Kodjia's thinking if that clause was in his contract. I also understand that for the greater good, if we got a bucket of cash for him and we go up this year, we wouldn't care less about him, he's 1 player. definitely my final comment on this, Trump, over and out πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


24 Aug 2017 15:30:55
Haven't heard anything about Supermac yet 82, asked my source if there was anything new this morning and he said not a sniff about him or anyone, he was right about Barry coming back to the Midlands, just a shame he went to the Olbion


24 Aug 2017 16:42:20
WOW Ally, what the heck do you think your doing, sending in a post without it being ok'd by certain people on here, the cheek of ya! , some on here could take offence at that mate! Your right though, Barry would have been a nice touch, Oh well, fingers crossed young mr. krankee skidaddles, please note i'm writing this post without permission from certain people who seem to think their invigilators, i think i'll let the other conspirators have their say, i must have got wrong the definition of a 'rumours' page being actually about rumours? ;but hey, i'll take my leave stage left and let the other fellas on here post what they've heard, i thought half the fun sometimes reading on here was some mad as a box of frogs 'rumour', if for no other reason it made you at least laugh, or dream it could happen? but it seems that's no longer the case, shame, but what can you do, i'll let the belt and braces' mob monitor and determine the direction we can take, don't want be accused saying something that hasn't been confirmed by those in charge, imagine, the scandal! be lucky Ally, i'm off to the funny farm to hear some more gossip (or as some would say, read the back pages), let's hope the season snowballs into a corker.,
fake news whisperer over and out!

24 Aug 2017 17:01:41
Ok boys, I cannot make sense of any of what your saying, by mad as a box of frogs are you confirming you've completely speculated the lot in your head and posted it? Ally you seem to be able to just completely divert from any questions you've been asked, first you reply to me saying Man City won't be interested in our kids by saying "they said they wasn't interested in raheen sterling then boom" now you've answered me saying our owner confirmed there wasn't a clause in a players contract by saying "football is no longer pie and a pint, it's dog eat dog", it's like the ramblings of a mad man who has so much to say it all just vomits out. Sorry you think I'm an invigilator for trying to add some balance and reality to your acid trip dreams, now I understand the situation that you like to post this stuff for fun, I'll leave you boys on the heavy stuff to itπŸ‘.

24 Aug 2017 17:13:03
Might join ya lol, got a bit of moody stuff going on around Guam, could get on top any time, need my itchy trigger finger free for something else, can't waste my time and energy starting debate, sending rumours I've heard about my team, for people to disagree with me even when I'm right lol. You had a good run 82, and managed to make more appearances than Neale Cooper did, Gods speed to ya and send me a postcard from The Maldives to cheer me and WTW up while we take the pelters πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


24 Aug 2017 17:51:01
You don't have to be mad to support Aston Villa, but it helps 😝


24 Aug 2017 22:56:59
ABSOLUTE QUALITY ALLY, nice to see chris attributing what i said to you mate, this site used to be fun with yourself, kingy and all the rest of us having a laugh, hope it comes back around again, i live in hope! -and watch your six, them shadows move man, i'm telling ya! neal cooper-how dare ya-dereck mountfield at least! lol-catch ya on the end run big man-be lucky!



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