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28 Jul 2017 11:03:34
If we sell Nathan Baker and do not bring in a top quality replacement like the level of Chester when we signed him then we are a joke. Selling a crucial part of one of the best parts of our team, for one year from Terry and Samba? If this goes through I really do think the owners/ board have had the wool over our eyes, their clueless. Their still sorting out their past transfer mistakes, don't make more. It's alright tweeting every 5 seconds and what not but I'd rather them concentrate on their job and not ruin chances of promotion before the seasons even started.

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28 Jul 2017 11:26:08
The board have said that they are building a team for promotion

Then another team to consolidate in the premises league and finally a team to challenge in the premier league

I think baker is a no nonsense defender but is very injury prone and can be wreck less!

Also would he be good enough for the premier league because he wasn't when we was in it.

28 Jul 2017 11:53:02
Getting rid if baker is stupid in my opinion,
He is not the greatest granted and is not premiership standard but he never let's the team down with 100 % commitment,
We are stuck with the rubbish like gabby/ bacuna/ Richards and there's no sign any of them will go,
I wish baker all the best at Bristol and I do hope Bruce has contingency plans in place if either Terry and Chester get injured anytime.

28 Jul 2017 11:56:52
Can see aiden flint going to the scum now they have baker,

28 Jul 2017 11:57:57
I wouldn't be surprised if baker asked to go!

He has probably had his nose pushed out and realises he is behind terry, samba and Chester

Gabby, richards and Bacuna really need to go.

28 Jul 2017 12:50:32
If we haven't got more than £4m for him we have made a mistake, selling him to a rival is bad enough but on the cheap would be ridiculous, balancing the books and freeing up cash to buy others is great but if we don't get promotion this year and samba/ terry retire at the end of the season or are just too old we are then needing two defenders not to mention the vultures will then be circling for the likes of kodja/ hrwalish and co.

I'm sure there is a plan and time will eventually reveal the method to the madness but on face value personally it looks like another Cahill moment.

28 Jul 2017 13:25:06
Hate to say I told you so on this 1. good luck in the rest of your career Nathan, I for 1 will clap your name when it's read out when you play us at VP


28 Jul 2017 13:49:52
Injury prone, Caught out of position to many times, Wayward in tackles this transfer has certainly split the ranks I for one think it's best if he leaves never in the same league as Cahill was. Plenty of cover at the back me thinks there might be a incoming centre half soon #INBRUCEITRUST.

28 Jul 2017 15:29:07
I'm gutted to be honest, he played 34 times last year and we didn't lose with him, Chester and Jedinak playing. He is top quality at this level and more than good enough to get promoted. If you had to rank our centre backs he'd be in the top 3, sell Richards or Elphic. Stupid decision made by morons.

28 Jul 2017 15:32:19
And his gone, thought it was too ridiculous to be true. However at the Aston Villa circus anything is possible. We are a laughing stock.

28 Jul 2017 15:42:09
Did you give last season a miss villa daz?

28 Jul 2017 16:27:16
I did last season for personal reasons Chris but still managed to attend 8 home games last season but was a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember mate from what I saw of him he wasn't the best in my humble opinion. I don't know it's a weird one this listening and reading what people are saying it's split down the middle people are saying why not get rid of Michael and others but it's so hard if teams don't want to take a gamble like we did it's a bit like roulette isn't it gamble on red and black comes in poo poo happens sometimes I don't think we are a laughing stock like you said mate far from that this season will tell I guess UTV bud.

28 Jul 2017 17:28:50
Fair enough Daz, it has really split the fans it's a weird one. I'm gutted to be honest. And Allyp you do realise we've sold Baker not Chester? You said you could see Chester being sold.

28 Jul 2017 18:04:23
I said heard rumblings about Baker moving on last week, so on the plus side it looks like unless Bruce is off his head, Chester is staying, only positive I can see from Baker leaving. It's done now, but 1 more thing, if Alex Bruce does come in as a replacement as some have suggested, he ain't no Maldini, but don't write him off before he's put on the shirt, he'd be a squad player, which if Elphick goes too, surely good business?


28 Jul 2017 18:40:41
I may have missed the answer to this but did Baker request the transfer or did Villa push him?

28 Jul 2017 19:54:08
I just think it's ridiculous because:
1. It's incredibly short sighted as a lot of the decisions / dealings this summer have been.

2. Its weakening us, not strengthening us, our strongest 3rd choice centre back would of been Baker, but we sell him and keep weaker players.

3. It could be very early in the season when we see a centre back partnership of Chester and Micah / Jedinak / De Laet. Terry and Samba can't play 3 games in a week and at their age will be very injury prone.

Elphic is on his way out. This is just another decision that completely baffles, either Tony's skint or FFP is a lot lot worse than what we've been led to believe.

28 Jul 2017 20:39:19
It is a strange 1 tbh, there's many twist and turns up ahead me thinks.


28 Jul 2017 23:58:27
I recal Baker winning man of the match against Liverpool during our win at the start of Lamberts penultimate season win at Anfield. So much promise and just so unlucky with injuries until recently. Really dissappointed to see him go as will do a job especially in this league. As for being a Cahill I don't think he will make it that far as we have seen so much more of him than Gary Cahill in a villa shirt! Wish him every success for the future unless against the villa of course. Bruce will make some contiversial decisions to get us where we belong I am sure UTV.



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