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24 Feb 2019 06:25:35
Played one game less than us and are 1 point behind us, yes the shadow of steve bruce looms large, promoted from within and after a shakey start, and losing their best defender to bournemouth (and blanking us and his ex-boss), brentford seem to be clicking and ticking without any dramas, after today's game deano says he 'had to give' the players a rocket at half-time to gee them up, here's an idea 'mr. plan A-only'give them a rocket BEFORE the game you spoonhead! -as for why i mentioned bruce and brentford, it occurs to me that whenever bruce has been at another club with less money to spend and hence less choice of players, he finds a system that works with what he's got, so the squad mostly picks itself, comes to us and with so much choice, i think he got a bit befuddled, he'll do well at wednesday, as for brentford, the players are playing for the manager and the jersey, they believe, and again with a smaller squad their a tight unit, so here's a thought, trim the squad and bin the big names, sheffield united did that, fulham did that, leeds did that, norwich did that, seems to have worked for them going forward, i'm sure many will say ney, but what we're doing at the moment is spending big just to tread water, somethings' got to change, personally for me all this possession doesn't mean squat if there's no end result, get in someone like jokanovic, no nonsence, but again its just me then having the crazy thoughts!

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24 Feb 2019 16:47:51
Alot of what you say is probably is probably not far off the mark, many on here me included wanted change after a poor start to the season. We definitely would have expected a new manager to change things for the better, obviously this has not happened, this is not to say it won't. This season should now be used to plan for the future and this is where we should judge Smith, if by the end of the season there is absolutely no improvement, (which based on current form is highly likely) then we would have to question if the future is bright.

24 Feb 2019 18:32:06
Good analogy scotty, problem with that is that he will still be using the same players he is having the problems with now.
He should really be given at least another window and up until Christmas to see how his remodeled side is taking shape.
I would think by then the team he has, would or should consist of at least 80%, maybe more of his chosen imports.
Then I think it is fair to say we can be a bit more judgmental.

24 Feb 2019 20:13:31
Disagree if things carry on the way they are untill end of season get rid and bring in guss hiddink or bigsam who does a good job every where he's been or even vangaal. we need a manager who the players respect and a manager that can handle the pressure and some1 that has been there and done it like leeds who appointed bielsa and wolves with nuno who did a good job with porto . that way then we might have more faith in the manager and trust him, deano is a nice bloke but not cut out for the villajob, yes there not his players but he should be getting more out this crop of players, he started off good but its gone stale now personally if he did go at the end of season i'd give bigsam the job he'd sort this club out and kick there bcksides . either way it going to be a tough couple of seasons ;nxt season no jck, tammy;tz, mings, maybe mginn aswell so its going to hard replace jck, and tammys goals, unless our scouts unearth sum gems, with right manager we could flourish and especially with our youth set up, but untill then we will be mid table team at best.

24 Feb 2019 20:43:00
V4 a feel your passion and understand the frustrations, I was in exactly the same camp, however the sensible voices do make a good argument to give deano a full transfer window, if after this we can then say we gave him a chance. We are a basket case so let's not react too quickly. This season is gone so let deano earn his corn and show us what he has got, if he fails and we have given him a fair chance then there can be no complaints from him or the fans.

24 Feb 2019 21:06:25
True mate.

25 Feb 2019 12:47:59
Great shout, scotty and you A4.
Fingers crossed, let's hope it all works out, I love apple pie not too keen on humble pie though.



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