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17 Feb 2019 07:05:39
WOW. I didn't realise how bad you lot were till the last few weeks,!
You lot must be embarrassed, to be outplayed by Brentford, and then get dicked by Sandwell town. oh my days, it's sooooo funny to watch from the heights of Wolverhampton.

In all honesty though, I'm going to Make a sensible point for you all.
I have seen this all too often with my own club, you have a bunch of players there who are on there last legs and earn a hell of a lot of money, ie- Hutton, Jed, Whelen, elphick, and a lot lot more.
IF and that's a big IF, they get you promoted what's the first thing the club are going to do? Bring in a whole new squad, so he relies my point,
1- you need a team who can get promoted then compete in the premier league (with maybe the addition of 1/ 2 players) -at this moment In time you haven't got 1 player who is good enough, yes that includes your beloved jack. - (overated) you fans don't like to hear this but it's true, I think there's a lot of your fans thinking the same but don't want to say it.

Point 2- So carrying on from point 1, why would these players WANT to get you promoted? They would be out of a job and on the scrap heap, with there thousands of pounds a week gone!
who would seriously buy these players?

There is a clique at your club and it's rotting the core. (I've been there and seen it with my own club), it's not done overnight, you may well get relegated again until you can solve it. enjoy your next "few" years, live in the memory of 82, keep singing for jack, and above all. MIND THE GAP (and that's with us, Sandwell, and the blue noses)

Embarrisng club, Embarrassing players,
Delusional FANS.

In the words of Vera lynn.
"We'll meet again, don't know where don't know when!, but I know we'll meet again some suuuuunnnnnny day"


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17 Feb 2019 14:20:52
Are you deluded and what have you been smokeing, villa miles bigger club than your lot bigger history bigger stadium bigger fanbase, doesn't matter what league we are in we will always be bigger than your club so dream on pal how many seasons did your lot spend in championship and you got relegated too league 1 or have you for gotten about that, you have had 2 good seasons which is good fair play hold my hands that doesn't mean ote villa still and always will be 1 of biggest clubs in england, and 1 thing your lot will never do is win the champions league, so enjoy it villa will be bck soon,1 last point villa were ever present in prem for 20 seasons let's see how many u get and top 5/ 6 places, and you call us villa delusional you forget where u lot were a few years ago, so check history books to see whose won more trophys.

17 Feb 2019 16:05:51
Diamo1 apart from the pee taking your bang on the money and absolutely agree with all your points the club is rotten to the core and it’s needs a complete restructuring with a vision a philosophy and the whole team at Villa Park buying into the vision from the tea ladies right up to the owners.
As for wolves enjoy it while it lasts as you and I know football moves in cycles and Villa will be back bigger better stronger.
You referred to 1982 oh yes gone but not forgotten but at least we have that and as poor as we have been since then we are still England’s 5th most successful football club.

17 Feb 2019 16:40:06
Bang on mate.

17 Feb 2019 17:27:54
Hi Diamo it's hard not too agree with a lot of what you have said.
The 1 thing I do disagree on is Jack Grealish, I think he will have a top career but not at Villa Park.

18 Feb 2019 11:42:59
I understand that you would say what you say about jack grealish, The hype around him is wrong. he’s your boy and supports he’s team, however he ain’t that good. you need to believe this, so you can move on.

18 Feb 2019 17:31:42
Jcks not that good that's good😂😂😂😂thats why spurs, lpool ;everton, arsenal, chelsea want him, your what tean wouldn't want him he's a natch winner he can do things no other english players can do he's easy worth 40/ 60 mil mark my words when he goes he will be in eng squad he's going to be a class player.

19 Feb 2019 07:01:12
If he’s as good as you say he is, why isn’t he playing for England now? Or even being considered. ?
Your fans/ media hype him up, however in your big games he’s found wanting, sure you can agree on that.
Play off final for example. - (very poor)
I can guarantee you one thing, NO ONE will
Pay £40m for jack grealish.

However, he’s probably the best of a bad bunch down at your club, which marks my point, if he’s the best, your struggling. Wipe the club clean, backroom staff defo. Something wrong with JT in my opinion. Conflict of interest between manager and terry I fear.

Your club is going nowhere fast till this is resolved.



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