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09 Feb 2019 10:06:29
For me last nights comeback is papering over what was a shambolic performance the defence was supposed to have been addressed yet we conceded another 3 goals. Before Dave jumps on his high horse again tell me this how have we improved from our previous manager apart from scoring a few more goals? I didn't want DS I feel this job has come for him to early his win ratio was not that good to begin with and now it's even worse. And before you say we are in transition we have been in that for the last 4 years how long is this transition like Denis Russof sanng "For ever and ever"?

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09 Feb 2019 11:55:47
Daz agree with most of what you say let's see what the "man on the high horse" has to say. My biggest frustration is the selection of players that are not even average. Many of the goals we concede come from the the right, yet he continues to play the most inept full back in the league. This weakness is so obvious any coach worth his salt would have addressed it by now. Terry played in this defence last year and saw first hand why Bruce didn't consider him. Its obvious that many in the team are not good enough and that is not Smiths fault however he is the manager and has to take responsibility for poor team selection and the current style of play. Yes we miss Jack but this will not address all of our woes. I like many that have recently posted, don't see this current crop good enough to make the playoffs. If by some miracle we did go up we are light years off being able to compete.

09 Feb 2019 12:04:57
Not been under new owners for 4 years though and new management structure. It takes a bit of time. We have 4 or 5 new players it takes time to gel. We have no God given right to be the best . Last night the team showed that no matter how poor they were they fight to the final whistle which for me is one of the main ingredients you need to be a good side. Chill out and give it time. If this time next season we are still in same boat then by all means moan about it.

09 Feb 2019 12:45:16
1 up front at home 2 holding midfielders at home is this the way forward for you Kingy? Take it to the other teams attack them like he did in his 1st few matches that's how he won games. Ill back Smith like ill do all managers down VP but I think this job is just a tad to big for him we will lose over half of these players next season then it's a rebuilding job Again how long will it be before we are challenging for promotion and yes I know we don't have a given right to be in the PL but come on the last 7 games we have been dreadfull scraping draws and 1 man don't make a team let's go 3 5 2 let's go for it from the off not after 80 mins.

09 Feb 2019 15:49:58
For once i agree villa daz i said about a week ago the jobs too big for him mate we are worse off then under bruce, we want too attack but do with a good defence all good teams are built from the bck, then rest takes care of it self.

10 Feb 2019 20:02:45
That's the way Smith plays and brentford used to score plenty with 1 up front as you say. The defence has been that shambolic we have been focused on not losing and lost a bit of edge on the attacking side of things. I still think we will sneak into the playoffs last min. Then it's a lottery again.



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