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02 Dec 2018 14:41:12
Under Brucie, we saw a couple of flashes, of wha we where capable of . The great results at, Bristol and Wolves, stand out . The difference is, with Bruce, if we went a goal up, he was trying to protect it . With Deano, he has released the shackles . If we score one, he wants another . He has a compleatly different mindset . You can see in the attitude, of the players, they are revelling in the new freedom .
I must admit, I was in the camp of give Brucie another chance . This thinking was mainly due to the, financial situation at the time . But now with hindsite, if only Deano had been here all season . Obviosly it not just the players, the fans as well, are filled with a new excitement. This is the style of football we have been dreaming about, this is the style that, gets grounds, full and buzzng . So Deano, keep our dream going .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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02 Dec 2018 17:48:11
I agree, I was one of the fools who backed Bruce. My reasons were that sometimes changing managers takes a long while before you see any effect, The disruption can have a negative effect. However if we had of changed managers at the start of the season we would of ended up with Thierry Henry and I think we would of all been on here writing completely different posts, which is another reason I voted for Bruce.

Deano has come in to the frame and stamped his mark on the team very quickly and he has the team playing exciting winning football, so I'm happy to say I was wrong about Bruce and hats of to Deano. Hopefully he will given funds to fine tune the squad in the coming window, if that happens then we will have a good chance of pushing forward and getting us back to where we all want to be. UTV.

03 Dec 2018 14:55:34
Well said villa fan, atleast now us villafans are all united now and fully behind manager mate, i too wanted henry but i'm glad we didn't get him because he has done nothing in france.

03 Dec 2018 21:45:38
I think the past is irrelevant, yesterday was another day .

The last five games are all in the past let’s nust keep looking forward and climb that table .

Brucie is in the past, I thank him for his efforts . But let’s not dwell on his stewardship let’s look forward to the Smith era

I for one hope that he is with us for years to come, I would like a manger that is here for the long haul who we back through thick and thin .

Finally we are playing attractive football .



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