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02 Dec 2018 11:49:03
Hi all,
Just afternoon Brucies sacking I came on here and had a bit of a rant about loyalty and how we never show any towards managers. I said that whenever the chips are down we turn and want people out whether it's players, owners or managers. Some people shot me down and moaned because they hated Bruce and some gave educated opinions that I could accept even if they differed from mine - HOWEVER, I am here to eat a little humble pie. At the time I felt Bruce would sort us out and we'd eventually be ok but seeing what style of football we're playing at the moment shows me just how bad it must have been under Bruce. I didn't think that changing managers time after time would sort the problem however I do believe we have the right man for the job and it's really showing. As much as I liked Bruce I'm glad we changed. I hope that once our honeymoon period is over and we lose a couple, we all 100% stick behind smith because I think he could be the perfect fit for us. Sometimes in football you get that one manager that just fits a club perfectly and you become a force. You look at Alex Ferguson and what he achieved with Utd. What they did before and after him. Essie Howe at Bournemouth. They were great but he left for Burnley I think and he was rubbish - then went back to Bournemouth and it just clicked again.
Forrest were a danger team after they spent in the summer, so were Derby and so were Middlesbrough and a derby game is never easy but 10pts from 12 fantastic against teams above us. We still have a couple of tough games coming up in Leeds and stoke and WBA but I'd take 5 points and try and stay undefeated for a bit.
So in a nutshell I stand corrected and the change in this occasion was the best thing. I also think Bolasie looks so dangerous - if he can just sort his feet out at the end of his moves he will destroy teams on his own. UTV.

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02 Dec 2018 14:08:42
Big of you to admit you had it wrong about Bruce,
I admire your honesty and hope you and all fans get behind Smith because what I see is massive progress,
The footie is great to watch and the effort shown by the players tells you all you want to know,
They all want to play for Smith,

02 Dec 2018 14:11:51
Hat off to you Mike, I have eaten humble pie a few times mate, leaves a bad taste at times, but this time hopefully you might be able to wash it down with a drop of bubbly come the seasons end.

02 Dec 2018 14:36:43
I think it goes deeper than just the manager. The whole club has had root and branch surgery, and we now have a much better base to build. Great to enjoy watching games once more. Deanno is forward thinking and just what we need. He wants to keep improving himself, which is fantastic, and exactly the outlook you need to keep climbing. I genuinely think he can take us right to the top in time.



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