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29 Sep 2018 01:05:26
I hate coming on here moaning and I know that this message will get me shot down in here BUT when will we learn as fans. Who exactly do we think we are? Oh yes, we're the mighty Aston Villa. We won the European cup once. So did notts forest so let's get over it. We have no right to success via history or name!
I'm sick of the same old group of fans out as soon as we hit a bit of a bad patch. No loyalty whatsoever. That group of fans will always say they're loyal but they're not.
It's a horrible vicious circle and we never learn from it.
I remember the doom and gloom merchants when we had Doug Ellis as chairman. "Get Doug out" were the cries. "We'll never succeed with Doug in charge! " They said. And they got their wish. Be careful what you wish for .
In comes good old Randy Lerner and everyone loved him. He was the messiah . But it goes sour and out come that crowd again. The boo boys. In comes Dr Tony Xia - the messiah. Loved by Everyone "we love how in touch with us you are". Things go a bit sour and out they come again. Now we have rich billionaires. How lucky we are - but no we stil boo. This time at Steve Bruce. We wonder why we're in such a bad place - yet we, yes a large group of us fans are right in the centre of that bad place. Constantly moaning as soon as we hit a rough spot. Who remembers the banner to Mr O'Leary "we're not fickle, we just don't like you"? Well we are fickle. Awfully fickle.
We need stability. We've not had stability for so long and last season we had it and look where we got but we turn against the club, booing, calling for brucies head and is going downhill. Where does it stop. When will we just support our team (manager included) through thick and thin. Our small heath neighbours put us to shame sometimes with their faithful support of their club while we whinge our way to misery!
Do I agree with some of Steve bruce's Decisions? No. I think he's making some mistakes but I'm still behind him. Do we forget that sacking him means more money out of the door. More compensation for him and his backroom staff. Add to that, there's no one out here free so we'd have to buy someone out of their contract. What then? Points deduction? Then what? Call for the new Owners heads for getting us in a mess? It has to stop surely? To other supporters we come across as some spoilt, big time Charlie fans who just can't accept that EVERY club can rise and fall and nothing is given. And for a club to work on success is starts at the very bottom up. If the fans show no loyalty, how can we expect that from an owner, a manager or any of the players.
Before you decide to shoot me down and say that we can't settle for where we are or our position just think of 3 things.
(1) if Doug has still been in charge today with all he money available in the prem we'd be spending £60m/ £70m every season with no debt. That's how he ran a club (2) considering the boo boys wanted him out so we could win things and move forward, what have we won since? (3) considering we have boo'd many a manager or owner out of our club over the last 10 years, where has it got us? SO, if ever a phrase meant anything - be careful what you wish for - because so far, we've got exactly what we've moaned for every time - and where has it got us! UTV.

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29 Sep 2018 05:20:39
Come on mate jeusus surely you don't want him to stay he's awful 1 of our worst managers he's done nothing with the best squad in the league again, so much for experience when Leeds manager never managed in England lampard 1st job shef Wednesday manager 1year same with wba manager and Swansea, All managers younger apart from bielsa but have fresh ideas play decent footy an go forward and attack, we have a right too boo an moan when we get this 💩 every week, I see better footy on Sunday league teams.

29 Sep 2018 05:26:02
I pressed 'agree' but Bruce really has to go mate?


29 Sep 2018 08:11:44
Bruce has to go sooner than later,
We keep hearing all the same excuses from him but nothing changes, we are a dire football team but are players are better than that.
They clearly look lost on pitch and most are playing out of position,
The goalie is a disaster waiting to happen every time a ball comes into box.
I admire fans who keep on defending him but surely you can see now he has lost it,
Makes me wonder if he wants the sack!

29 Sep 2018 10:12:09
Hi villafanmike
Aston Villa is in the entertainment industry and under Steve Bruce I have only seen 2 games which have entertained me, everybody can probably guess which 2.
In the Championship it is vitally important to get good home gates and good sponsorship to survive, it’s not like the Premier with the TV rights money. With the turgid football we play would you want your company linked to this club?
Steve Bruce has bought stability to the club, really! Never in the years I have supported Villa has the fan base been more split, we even saw fighting amongst our own supporters at Sheffield United.
A lot of clubs in this division get bargain buys and sell on for a profit to survive, just look at Bristol City even Barnsley. Steve Bruce pays top dollar and then never plays them or plays them out of position, just look at Bjarnason, scored against Wigan then dropped, played last night and scored. Bruce has been resting him because he played in the World Cup!
101 matches after last night and we hear the same excuses and if I hear “I have had 4 promotions” or “we will be thereabouts” anymore I think I will need therapy.
I want entertainment and Steve Bruce can’t deliver that, If I saw a crap film at the cinema would I go twice a week for 9 months? No, I wouldn’t, but do I still go to see the Villa, yes, just show’s how loyal we are to our club, but are all supporters going to stay loyal and pay over their hard earned if we keep having to suffer this rubbish?

29 Sep 2018 10:32:07

You are spot on mate,
The percentage rate of fans who wants him gone is getting bigger game by game,
We all want the best for our club and I agree we need stability but he has had 101 games now and the club still has no identity in playing the game,
You also have to question the coaching staff,
Never have I seen a manager who puts players in alien positions on pitch,
They clearly don't like being messed about from week to week.
What's the betting we get more changes next game,
Musical chairs again,

29 Sep 2018 10:58:55
I take a lot of your points on board and fully understand the frustrations. I was sat watching the Bristol game furious that Jedinak was playing CB and that we continue with kodja instead of playing grealish behind Abraham and playing our 2 new wingers. I really get the frustrations but I still think changing the manager solves nothing because for free there’s nothing out there. I read on this very site people asking for Arsene Wenger - really? Some fans live in the clouds. If Bruce went on a 10 game winning run all the haters would be saying how great he was and then if he then lost 4 on the trott they’d destroy him again. If you look at manschester United that have one of the best teams in their league. They have been used to winning every trophy for years and then it stops and the football mourinho plays is dire - but every game they almost sell out. Every game they applaud him off. It’s loyalty.
Do we remember why we hate Delph? Barry? Downing? Yes hats right, we hate them because they showed no loyalty. They jumped ship at the first opportunity. Yet as soon as we get the chance we do exactly the same. If we want loyalty we have to show it. We have to show the players that we’re behind Bruce. We have to show them that we’ll support them no matter what. Instead we do what we always do and just moan. Just boo. Just get rid so we can get the new guy in . and then just wait until he fails.

29 Sep 2018 11:03:30
Hi Mainbob you make me sound so soft and sweet.
Think I will have to make sure my wife doesn' see this she might think I have an admirer.


29 Sep 2018 14:26:25
Hi Mike have you not been reading the Man Utd supporters comments regarding Jose's tired and defensive play with players left out at the managers whim.
United are losing 3:1 at West Ham and on the BBC website the United fans want him out and a more progressive manager in.
This is loyalty but to the club not to the manager, managers come and go but the club is forever hopefully.



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