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01 Sep 2018 20:59:38
I hate to say this, and I swore I wouldn’t come back to post on this site, for reasons I have said before, and I won’t join in with the slagging or slating of Bruce, as he stabilised our club, created a feeling of belief in the place again, and destroyed the demons that a certain America, and northern Irish man installed.


That today is a disgrace.
I can live with a bad day at the office in the players, we all have bad days at work, but the inept way he dealt with it is unacceptable.
To play players out of position, and to do with no reason or logic, to make the wrong decisions from the bench, replacing the wrong players, with odd subs, to openly disrespect last seasons top scorer, and persist with a striker that is a lone player in a team sport, this is not acceptable.

He has after this week, and partly the start to the league season, lost myself, and sadly most the fans who travel away, and our home support.
I thank him for saving the club from totally sinking. But feel the time is now to go.

Personally I would love JT back as a player coach.

One more point. The small fans fighting in the ground today, twenty feet from my 8year old nephew, I hope you are banned for life. He is now so scared to go back to a match, that this has ruined his love of the game, and my match day enjoyment. I hope I meet you away from the cameras.

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01 Sep 2018 22:14:06
Welcome back on site I have followed for some time but didn't post too often. Your posts together with Mendax and a few others always made good reading so I hope you will stay on board.

I completely agree with your post Bruce brought stability after the pathetic happenings of recent seasons and I for one felt that we probably needed that for a little longer. However with the new investment in the club I think it is now essential that we start to deliver a more entertaining brand of football which I am not sure Bruce can deliver. Problem now of course is we have been left so short at the back that we will always concede unless a regular CB partnership can be forged from somewhere. Players in their right positions might help and of course JT in some sort of coaching role would get him back at the club but again not sure if he would make manager straight away.

Sorry persons spoilt your nephews day and I too hope they are banned for life.

01 Sep 2018 22:31:01
You feeling ok ha ha sorry to hear bout your nephew that's a disgrace doesn't belong in footy it's not the 80s.

01 Sep 2018 23:38:25
Well said mate fully agree with all you said. And the fans fighting is a total embarrassment and bring shame on our club. They are not true villa fans mate they are mindless thugs.

01 Sep 2018 23:32:47
Really good to hear your reasoned views again and have to agree. But foremost how appalling for your young nephew and they are an absolute disgrace! I hope cctv will identify these mindless persons and they will get what they deserve! I remember the dark days of violence in the late 1970s when I was just a kid and it was very frightening walking past Witton station! No excuse ban them all.

02 Sep 2018 07:58:55
Mate a brilliant post and so sorry to hear of your nephew and these morons who should be banned for life,
It happened to me in a home game with my granddaughter who was injured but thankfully was ok after,
But seeing this type of behaviour sickens me to the stomach,
On the game I agree bruce should go now,
I have defended him but now after 77 games in charge I can't see any chance we will be challenging for promotion,
We have attacking players to come in side in Abrahams and bolasie but we have not got a defence full stop.
This is where a team is built from solid foundations,
Did not bruce say after the Burton game only 2 players played well the goalie and James bree at c/ back.
Where was this player yesterday?
Jedi again at c/ back?
I also think now this is affecting chesters game,
He looks more shaky than ever before,
Sad day allround for fans at game and for suffering fans listening on radio,
Oh to be a villa fan!



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