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01 Sep 2018 17:26:13
To all those Bruce lovers banging on about the Bruce out brigade are fickle and not real fans because we're not getting behind the team.
What can you say after that performance to defend Bruce?
Sweet f. a
So stop banging on about how he is the best man and get behind the Bruce out campaign.
The blokes a joke and the adomah situation highlighted that even more.
Sack him with immediate effect and get a young dynamic manager who's not afraid to have a go.

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01 Sep 2018 17:57:30
And their off, as long as we don't over do the drama on the back of ONE GAME eh boys! -so bring a manager in, who do you suggest, once you've chosen him you think their present club are going roll over and say 'all yours'? -and what makes you think a young manager would want to come to a club that sacks a manager after a handfull of games? -and more to the point, the only type of young manager who'd come to us under those conditions would be the type of manager using us as a stepping stone, so give your heads a wobble, put down those sugary drinks and take a deep breath, the season didn't finish today and the world hasn't stopped turning, so go easy on brucey and your blood pressure boys, ITS ONLY 1 GAME.

01 Sep 2018 17:59:42
We played from a solid base last season and people complained. We get thrashed by filling the team with forward thinking players and people complain. Proof that you can't have it both ways.

01 Sep 2018 18:03:38
Ok my love of brucie has gone get rid asap international break will give us a little time to get dean smith in.

01 Sep 2018 18:05:42
I'm lost for words mate the man is useless we had a chance to get Henry who is young and has lots of ideas an would play attacking football an we are stuck with this rubbish

01 Sep 2018 18:33:16
Class it's not ONE game, it's 70 or 80! Football has passed him by, that was abysmal today but nobody on this can can say with honesty that it hasn't been coming, bar 45 minutes against Brenford we have been appalling - How you and others continue to support him and are satisfied with this standard of play and results is beyond me!

01 Sep 2018 18:45:59
How can you say it’s only one game?
Where you been for the last season and a half.

So your telling me that an up and coming young manager wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to manage us with the squad we have and before you start banging on about need experience rubbish to manage in the championship 3 words for you

Nuno esperito Santos.

Get a grip.

02 Sep 2018 07:15:56
BK1982 and Malc1976-worthy replies boys, however, for such a rubbish manager (as you would say) he still managed to get us to the playoff final in his first full season, yes we've signed expensive players under him but you mob seem to forget the dirth of kak RDM signed-does richards and elphick give you 2 examples to begin with? next there was the vibe in the club, no-one had pride playing for the club, young jack was embarrassing the club abroad and the gabster was still about, trousering sheckles for past glorys', our chinese owner was clueless ('champions league in 5 years'! ), was a twit on twitter and was spending feck all of his own imaginary money on the club, as i'm sure your aware in the football world people knew this, and i guarantee brucey would name you at least 20 premiership players who he tried to sign, but they wouldn't because of how unstable badly run the club was, now we have new owners and we've brought in 2 attacking players and re-signed tuanzabe from united, its been pointed out we needed more defensive loans, MAYBE brucey is giving those already at the club their chance to step up this season, but because they haven't clicked yet you all hoot up, he can't win! make your minds up, have your say, right and all, but don't start using wolves as a yard stick, its a lot easier when you have a super agent getting players in on loan for a season or 2,most will have legged it to a bigger club by next season, and if you think their manager will stay to enjoy the cultural delights of wolverhampton adt car auctions and the local take on the balti, don't hold your breath, so cut brucey some slack, when he has a full squad playing week in, week out, then judge him, what he's done for this club behind the scenes never gets reported, but it shows what a class fella he is, how about we maintain a bit of class, AND BACK HIM AND THE BOYS.

02 Sep 2018 11:21:38

Are you seeing a different team to most of fans on this blog?
It's not just the performance yesterday but over his entire time at villa we are witnessing dross at a high level.
He is a manager who sets up teams not to lose first and foremost and yet our defence is arguably one of the worse in championship,
We have a goalie who he has been tracking for 4 years?
Jedi is our new c/ back?
Well I could go on and on but now I've writer's cramp and I will let someone else to give out some more disturbing facts about our dinosaur manager,



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