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25 Jun 2018 11:22:31
Does anyone else find it annoying when you are searching for football news and fixtures and you get Premier League then Scottish Premier League before you get to Championship?

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25 Jun 2018 12:56:25
Your so funny boring.

25 Jun 2018 13:48:38
No not at all, we got so used to it, don`t forget we have been a top side for so many years.
You lot will get accustomed to it eventually, it should only inconvenience you for one season though so don`t get fretting too much about it.

25 Jun 2018 14:40:29
Top of the league-very drole fella, glad to see you've got the time to spend looking them up, don't worry fella, you'll soon lose interest when you get your first girlfriend, and boy oh boy will you feel top of the league when she agrees to be seen out in public in broad daylight with you, word of advice though, stop wearing your shellsuit and bumbag as an outfit, it may be fashionable with other wolves supporters, but out here in the real world not so much, if that's too much to take in, just stick to your normal routine of licking windows.

25 Jun 2018 15:01:55
Let them have there little moment of glory after we were in the prem for 20 odd years, how times have changed when we had numerous top 8 finishes when wolves were no where in championship 1 good season in about 20 odd years for them . wot makes me laugh is as villa fans we don't care bout wolves but now because of there promotioN they have made it a rivalry an constant ripings of our club, we will see how many games they win in the prem.

25 Jun 2018 17:29:56
Best news is that the wife of the GK they are after thinks that you all need a quick hand j. before the game.
Knew you were a bunch of w. s.



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