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17 Jun 2018 00:11:31
So, seems to have gone a little quiet on all fronts so, what are people's anticipated 11 at the beginning of the season? I'm being super optimistic and including Grealish (back on loan) and Chester (retained) - I say optimistic, you may say foolish ;-)


Hutton, Chester, Huth, xxxxx

Bjarnason, Hourihane

Xxxxxxx, Grealish, Green


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17 Jun 2018 06:49:57
BK1982-not foolish fella, rightly optimistic, sorry to burst your bubble but apart from Hutton, (huth? pantillimon? ), every other player on your list will be gone if the right price comes in, needless to say some of the worthless fecks will scarper for the sake of 'their career'even though their on good sheckles, the only thing stopping it from happening at the moment is that we're rudderless (what a blessing! ), so keep the faith and i hope your right, but the agents are in overdrive touting their players to all and sundrae, so next season i'd expect a nuthouse special, -a mixture of the youth that's left, old stagers for a last hurrah, problem players other clubs don't want and the customary cheap foreign mercenaries, welcome to the new world, but that's what'll make it all the more sweeter when we turn the corner and start the accent-hearts and mind boys, hearts and minds-VTID-and then i'll be back to haunt the fecks who crossed us-UTV!

17 Jun 2018 09:42:02
It's scary times Class but the entire squad cannot be sold, surely not? If that's the case then we will be relegated by Christmas! I think there will be sacrifices, perhaps to key players but surely we will try to maintain the core of the squad?

I can see Grealish being sold, fingers crossed with a loan back - Perhaps Adomah if the price is right as we have a ready made replacement in Green! Those two sales would surely ease any FFP pressures?

Of course there are the current cashflow issues hanging over the club but if we can get see inward investment I'm sure these will be resolved - If we can't of course then yes there will be more player sales :- (.

17 Jun 2018 17:28:17
Hi all this is my 1st post and it's a realistic one IMO people need to wake up and realise that super Jack will be sold 100% and come on guys teams do not loan back 22/ 23 year old players this may be the case with kids but Jack is ready to play in premier league now. Sorry guys but we need to sell him for the good of the club 30+ million would be much welcomed and would secure the future of our club I know it's feels rubbish but I think we'll all agree the club is more important than one player.

17 Jun 2018 20:31:47
If disagree that Jack is ready to play for some of the top teams AVFC78 - He was outstanding this season but he only played what, half at most? And prior to that he was certainly a talent rather than the complete player, for me he needs another year playing every week for Villa - I fear if he moves to a Chelsea, or even a Spurs, he may get lost in the crowd! I love the kid, he's an amazing player but he's had 6 months of top form, in the championship, so I wouldn't be surprised if Villa could negotiate an additional year on loan as part of any sale! Totally agree though, he will be sold, my hope is that his sale along with some fringe players will mean we can keep the rest of the squad together.

17 Jun 2018 21:40:33
I don't disagree with you mate I just think whoever buys him will keep him there's no way anyone will pay 30+ million for him just to give him back to us, now if we sell him for 15/ 20 million we may get somebody give us a year but I doubt it. I just think we need to sell him for the good of the club let's cash in now because like you pointed out he has only played consistently well for 6 months and nobody knows how he will go next season although I do think he his the real deal and could be a big star in the prem next season.



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