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11 Jun 2018 14:55:47
There is one certainty this season our expectations for going up are not very strong I fear.
More like going the dreaded drop again is very possible,

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11 Jun 2018 16:05:31
For me it depends on the manager and how the inevitable Grealish sale will effect the books.

Bruce needs to go, we need a manager who will play with speed and freedom, and who is able to utilise and develop our young talent.

Also, and I've said it a million times, is Grealish a sacrificial lamb to maintain squad stability or the beginning of a mass fire sale?

Once we know the answer to the above we really can't predict next season - As it stands we would be in the mix for playoffs, as it stands.

11 Jun 2018 16:32:33
It's a fire sale I fear,
He will sell everybody who has a value and hope the young players step up to the plate,
But I'm not convinced Bruce is a young players type of manager,
But getting rid of him costs big money and in our position he will be allowed to stay unless he gets another offer elsewhere,

11 Jun 2018 17:26:43
so who really do you think should replace bruce?

11 Jun 2018 17:51:01
Sell the lot, and start again.
The way things are going, we will be getting Gabby back to start the ball rolling.
What a mess, come clean and get on with it, get it sorted and then get out and do something you understand.

11 Jun 2018 18:07:15
I don't who is brave enough to manage villa now,
Mad Mick would want it But I would not want him to to fair,
Dean Smith would work well with the young players and the football would please the fans,
But would he leave Brentford even though he supports the Villa?
It's a poisonous chalice to all concerned,
I'm more worried with the money situation it seems to get worse day by day,
We are the laughing stock of the championship in fact for all the leagues,
We need another owner but can't see anything happening anytime soon,
As for this story of bringing back gabby well that just about sums up how desperate we really are.

11 Jun 2018 18:12:54
No point worrying over something that may never happen if you ask me, it is what it is so we need to get on with it and see where we go. If we get stuck in the bottom six mid season then it's time to worry and not until. Try to stay positive instead of continually having negative thoughts you may feel a little happier. UTV.



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