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07 Jun 2018 13:51:32
Just a thought here Villa fans.,
The official word is your owner is being stopped, or having problems, getting money transferred out of China. If that’s the case, how come our board aren’t having the same problem? And they’re buying players. Maybe you lot aren’t being told the truth? the real facts.

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07 Jun 2018 15:47:45
It may well be the case that his statements are designed to keep the fans happy and the club afloat whilst he seeks to sell the club.

07 Jun 2018 15:55:17
Fans are very rarely told the true facts and the tabloids don't help by adding their own bits to stories to sensationalize them. Also any good news about the club will be published once and then very quickly buried with the continual repeats of the previous bad news.

07 Jun 2018 17:12:38
Wolves are indeed spending as you say but the difference being that Wolves have just made millions by being promoted so already have the cash.

07 Jun 2018 18:20:03
My point was. if our board can get/ transfer money out of china, why are they claiming your owner can’t.

09 Jun 2018 12:06:46
Read my post above which answers your point!



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