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03 Jun 2018 08:24:07
The more I read into Simon Jordans statement over the trouble villa are in the more I think he knows some think which he can't reveal as to undermine the club.
I think what he said about we could get a new owner could well be true,
Being a ex-chairman in premiership he must hear about such going ons at clubs,
But what I want to see more than ever is any comments from Mr wyness or his sidekick Steve round!
1 week on from final yet nothing,
Well we are talking about Aston villa so this is normal I suppose,

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03 Jun 2018 10:46:50
Mainbob. Following comments from Mr Jordan and others I've done some digging and speaking to some Chinese contacts of mine. Turns out we are state owned as I've stated in the past and Dr Tony is nothing more than a front man. Interest has been lost and they are looking to sell.

03 Jun 2018 18:39:18
Our board are as guilty as any single person over the state of our football club.
I keep looking at players we were "forced " to sell or unable to buy.
The national side had 4 players that plied their trade at VP.
Benteke is almost saying he wanted to stay.
How far back do we go to find the start of our rapid decline, Lerner and O'Neil come forward.
What has happened is almost criminal and had we not had a single owner I am sure that much of the mess would have been avoided.
Now again we have an owner who is probably ready to desert us when we need a saviour. Does Jordan know what is going on under the counter, I wish I knew?
Now we have posters stating that we are owned by China itself, the same country that is paying old players millions to play in their league.
A statement is required now, not tomorrow, NOW.
I am not satisfied with the situation that is before us and I want a responsible person, whoever that might be, to stand up and be honest.
Some hope.

03 Jun 2018 19:09:40
Speculation, inuendo, claptrap. We will know when we know its no use speculating, just go round in circles. don't see the point zThe club are probably still sorting things out.

03 Jun 2018 20:11:18
They are putting the feelers out to see if any takers and get the hell out. Keith has gone very silet all of a, sudden. The good doc ran back to his bosses in China for orders and we have been told nothing. Simon jordon knows a lot more than he has been able to say. I can't say who I am but I know more than a lot on here as well.

03 Jun 2018 20:37:18
Yes we all know Kingy.
You have proved beyond any doubt that you know no more than anyone else on here.
Like you said on Wednesday and I quote "Bruce will be sacked today" spot on again with that one hey.
We are all in the dark at this moment in time, and like a few have said many times, its time to speak up, we as supporters pay for the club to operate.

03 Jun 2018 22:03:56
Lol villadave. Bruce is a gonner the good doc just has to get his bosses approval first. And Keith is now shutting his mouth as he lives here in UK good doc will run back to China never to be of again.

04 Jun 2018 02:24:12
I, like everyone else am in the dark to what is taking place at villa other than the same rumours that that everyone else reads. My question is this though to Kingvilla80, Why would Dr Tony bother to sack Bruce as you have stated that he will, if he is now looking to sell the club?

Most new owners that come to a club usually like to install a new manager of their own choice anyway, so it makes no sense for Bruce to be sacked by Tony Xia if that is going to be the case, unless I am missing something here I find this confusing?

04 Jun 2018 21:20:28
All will become clear tomoz.



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