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31 May 2018 12:42:18
Gone are the days of good chairmen now there's probably a few abramovich, man citys, an spurs, which are passionate about there clubs . I wish we could go bck to the Ellis years atleast the club was stable an the man actually cared 100 percent about villa . most new owners just see cash signs thinking they are going to rake in loads of money, look at city owners bet they have spent well over a bilion on players since they have been there so your telling me city owners making a killing in profits no, there in it to win titles an try an win champs league, that's why they have some of the best players in the world an 1 of the beSt managers, an plus they have now a world class training ground, wot I'm trying to say is they had a plan an vision and a identity, have villa got a plan an identity we haven't had 1 since O'Neil there was a plan an vision it was top 4 an we were on cusp of till Lerner realised he couldn't bank roll it any more that's when we lost everything an the ship started to sink yeah O'Neil did waste sum cash but he made some good signings aswell . I pray to see that style of footie again . there is light thou in my opinion our youth set up could save us millions by promoting about 5 or 6 to the 1st team, an whose to it won't work leeds have done manu arsenal, spurs, fulham most recent to do it you just need to have fAith in your youngsters yeah they will make mistakes it's normal we all make mistakes even me ha ha, but that will make them better because they will learn from there mistakes, there's only 2 things that's more important to me than villa my wife an life even thou I told the wife villas more important
Ha ha . we all love villa an want the best for our, that's why I like this site it's full of different views an the mount of arguments that happen on here is like being at home with my 2 daughters ha ha anyway villa will be bck 1 day the club will always be there no matter of what players an manager we have no1s bigger than the club.

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31 May 2018 13:17:48
So tell me this then when Bruce played the kids against also a weakened Boro side in the cup how did we get on? And if I recall most was sagging Bruce off for that. If they was to promote some kids from the under 23s you think they would all play? Do you think all our kids are world beaters because I'm sure if they was they would have been snapped up by now. We have maybe 2 or 3 that are good enough for the 1st team squad that is it.

31 May 2018 14:23:02
1 game doesn't mean anything mate that's the stupidst thing I've herd wots the point in having an academy if you say to them u have just 1 game to prove urself, an u say I need to be educated 😂😂😂 listen to urself mate.

31 May 2018 14:30:55
If there were world beaters real, N Barcelona would be after them I never said they were world beaters did I, I said we have sum good youngsters read my posts, you blood them in gradually Bruce does not play them hardly . wots the point in having an academy if we don't promote any of them, I take it u don't agree with youth all the moaning your doing mate.

31 May 2018 14:59:49
So let's get this straight as a youngster you are given a chance to play in a cup tie do you 1 try your hardest and play out of your skin so that hopefully you can make the 1st team squad on a Saturday and give the manager something to think about? Or do you 2 just run about make a few good passes then resort to the fact that you know you won't make the 1st team? I know what most would do. And the answer to your question yes I am in favour of youth coming through but only if they are good enough and as I've said if they were any good I'm sure they would have been promoted to the 1st team squad after all all the management have been in the game a lot longer and see what goes on at the Recon training complex MATE.

31 May 2018 15:21:27
The same youngsters played against peterbough in the f. a cup and again we lost 2 chances to prove and 2 failed. I'll agree there are some that could make the grade but they need nurturing in like grealish has been. Green is the best in the bunch and in my opinion should start at left wing next season. The others well they have to stand up and be counted. Tough road ahead but it in not the end UTV.

31 May 2018 15:25:48
Villadaz, I can see some logic in your post, but I am also of the opinion that the young players should now be given a chance.
One game against Middlesbrough tells you absolutely nothing, and should be dismissed as a game full of expectant and nervous errors, they fade in time like the stitch does.
If what you are saying were true, how do you explain Man Utd losing to Villa 3-1 and then going on to win the league.
Players need to be thrown in the deep end, and when the initial nerves and panic disappear, they more often than not find they can swim.

31 May 2018 15:36:59
The reason Bruce doesn't play them mate is because he's afraid to he likes his more experienced slow old players, an plus I remember when fergie blooded about 6 youngsters against us 1st game of the season in the 90s we beat 3/ 1 an guess who won the league with youngsters, just because you loose 1 game doesn't mean anything your going to loose games anyway, wots your point u haven't really said it's pointless what u said.

31 May 2018 15:47:54
Cmon Dave football was different back then to how it is now is any of our youth players as good as Man U? Is O hare a Paul Scholes? Is Green a Giggs? And so on they was very special players indeed all I'm saying is if they are good enough promote them and obviously they wasn't. This season is a no win situation for any manager that I charge.

31 May 2018 16:18:22
What do you mean cmon.
What has the way the game was played back then got to do with it Daz.
Players of today have grown up playing football the way it is played today, and we will never know how good they are unless they are played will we?
Have you ever thought that they matured into good players because of the faith and confidence that was bred into them by Ferguson.
Ryan Sessegnon, is as good as any man utd player back then, he has matured through being played and by people telling him how good he is.
We might just have a couple ourselves just waiting to blossom.

31 May 2018 16:43:17
Villa4eva in the words of Manuel off Faulty Towers "Ke"?

31 May 2018 17:32:10
Dave it wasn't meant in a sarcastic way! Your right we might have some young players ready to blossom ill put it this way to you then if we play the youth and we struggle who will get the blame? The manager will the fans will be on his back and yet it was some who called for the youth just out of interest how did the under 23s get on in the final against another team of under 23s and this team have been called winners yet the 1st team who at the start struggled until we could got more experienced players in. We reached as a club 2 finals and failed in both the Championship is more harder than under 23s games IMO.

31 May 2018 18:35:20
Thing is Daz, he is getting slatted for playing the experience way, so make it clear at the start of the season that he intends to give the younger ones a chance.
You are damned if you do, and damned if you don`t.



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