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29 May 2018 10:45:46
Eds what your opinion on Villa it would be nice to hear from a outsider looking in if you know what I mean?

{Ed001's Note - in what way mate?}

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29 May 2018 11:36:12
With the manager Ed and also the running of the club. My opinion is after the 5 years we had previous to this on we was in the mire now we have stability back to a certain degree would changing the manager help? Would you keep Bruce? And your opi nion on the messiah that is Dean Smith that a lot on here seem to banging on about thanks mate๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.

{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest, I am not that up on what makes Dean Smith so great. I know how Brentford works and he is merely their head coach working to a plan given to him, not sure that makes him all that great. If you do make a change, surely the likes of Hurst (who looks likely to go to Ipswich), Potter (who seems set for Swansea) or the Cowleys would be better options. They have had to create their own way, while Smith just coaches to a set system.

Personally I think a lot depends on what the club want to do, if it wants to continue to plan short term and hope for a quick return, following by a desperate need to start again in the Prem if they do make it, then keep Bruce. If you want to build a long term side to earn promotion and then build on there, then he needs to be replaced, as he does not do that. He relies far too heavily on experience over bringing through youth. Experience costs more, in terms of wages and in the lack of any resale value. With the club under heavy FFP pressure, I am not sure it can afford to stick by Bruce and the experienced heads. It needs to look to reduce costs, Bruce is not the man for that.

If it was me, I would say thank you very much to Bruce and look to a man who will build a side with more youth and vigour, offload some of the older heads that are weighing heavily on the wage bill and start from scratch. Stability is good, but you first need good foundations to build on and I don't see them in place at Villa right now. You have a good academy and it needs a better plan in place to utilise that to build a side. That is not a strength of Bruce's at all.}

29 May 2018 11:56:28
Cheers Ed some very good and valid points you put across there. It's a catch 22 scenario again with us we have chopped and changed over the years I just feel that we need stability and although we failed to gain promotion feel changing a manager will not help. I mean who would have thought JT would have come to us? Surely that is down to Bruce he would have had other offers that's for sure but he chose us why? Because Bruce has got some clout I'm under no illusions that next season is going to be tougher with the teams that have come down being far stronger than us financially. For me Smith is not the answer as some are banging on about if Bruce was to get the bullet your thoughts on maybe Laudrup coming as he would be my preferd choice.

{Ed001's Note - I don't understand why Terry is a good thing? If he had gained you promotion, then yes, paying him obscene amounts of money that required the offloading of players to do so is probably worth it. As it is, he just seems a failed gamble. You twisted and bust with him and the question is whether you take the same gamble again or step back and say it hasn't worked and it is only going to lead the club into ffp problems if we do not change our approach imo. Stability is not provided by a team of 30+ players that need to be replaced.

As for Laudrup, god no. This is a guy who wouldn't take training in the rain while at Swansea. He is not the answer mate. He got lucky in taking over a club that had the right foundations in place and being Laudrup the players initially played for him because of his name. The reason it fell apart is because the name can only carry him so far and he had nothing else to him other than being a once-star player.}

29 May 2018 12:17:36
This is why I asked you Ed because your of your knowledge of what goes on. I didn't know that about Laudrup so that's a big fat no then. I feel JT was bought in not for just his know how on the pitch but his leadership qualities off it as well and yes it was a huge huge gamble which has sadly backfired on us. I feel now we are in the duldrums for at least a couple of years due to FFP and I admit Bruce has made mistakes but also that is down to the coaching staff also. It will cost us again if we get rid paying compensation to all these money we can ill afford to waste now but thank for your views Ed.

{Ed001's Note - good point. It would cost money to start again, but I was thinking you would regain that with a cheaper coach using younger, less expensive players. You do need Dr Xia to be decisive though, to either fully back Bruce or start all over again.

It is a shame about Laudrup, he was one of my childhood heroes, so it is gutting to find out he is a massive letdown in person!}

29 May 2018 12:34:16
I agree Ed we do need a answer this week on where we are going as a club. It was gut wrenching on Saturday to say the least to be fair Fulham Cardiff and Wolves have been the better sides and they all deserve there status in the PL. Again a video has emerged of villa fans fighting each other at Wembley that 3 times this season this debate has certainly divided our fans.

{Ed001's Note - that is quite embarrassing, infighting. Seems like recently old football fan problems are resurfacing in England. The Liverpool fans bottling the Man City bus, the West Ham fans etc. Oh and wasn't there a set of fans (was it Forest?) fighting over pies this season? Worrying that things could go back towards the bad old days of the 80s.}

29 May 2018 13:59:45
With our luck getting rid of Bruce wyness and round will get in pardew or mad Mick to replace him,
Be careful what you wish for comes to mind,



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