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08 Apr 2018 07:57:50
I watched the Cardiff v wolves game and seen a blood and thunder battle with the result which really pleased me.
I then was so excited to see us play Norwich who are mid table with nothing to play for,
So when I saw the first half you could think we were on the beach having a little kick about!
Passing the ball so slow with no idea how to create a chance then we concede to a great strike and then I was waiting for a half time response from Bruce to get into these players to get us back on track,
But the second half nothing changed and the 2nd goal we concede is laughable to say the least,
We have 2 terrible full backs who need replacing pronto
Where is this team who murdered the wolves few weeks ago?
These type of performances are becoming the norm now and is very disturbing to see,
Yes we are still in playoffs place but are we good enough on present form to win It?
Answer on a postcard!
No team will fear us and will more than likely prefer to play us if I'm honest,
I question the players plus the manager and coaches for our dismal drop in form,
There is still a possibility we fail to get into playoffs if we still dropping needless points,
We have a strong squad on paper but not on pitch,
This post is longer than expected from me so I will leave it to you to digest.

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08 Apr 2018 09:26:40
It all balls down to the manager before neil warnock Cardiff was fighting relegation he comes in with a style an a plan everybody belives in and guess what there now 2nd. Wolves was a mid table team espiritu Santo comes in playing flowing passing game guess what top of the league. They havnt spent what we have if results are poor it is the managers fault 9times out of 10. Bruce doesn't have a style of play they just kick it about usually involving a big hoof. Question is do you enjoy this style Mainbob? Do you think his the man to take us forward? His interviews after are all the same he can't motivate them. Ask warnock how big his budget was has he got big names no sheer hard work and a plan. I go to all the games an the mood was not good yesterday for Bruce.

08 Apr 2018 09:58:07
As you know I'm not a Bruce fan but I did say give him this season and if we don't go up he should go,
I don't like his style of football or for not using the young players in squad,
He likes the experienced players more often than not,
But the attitude of the players is not of wanting to bust a gut to get promoted
Wolves game we were brilliant but it's not enough for just the odd game,
I will see how it pans out but at the moment I'm not very happy with how we are performing,
To many performances have been like yesterday and it's not good enough,
But I'm still behind the team to get us through this bad run
Up the villa!

08 Apr 2018 10:30:12
That same Warnock who told players to break the opponents leg?
Who refuses to shake the opposite managers hand?
Who slags off other teams fans, and openly admits he isn’t good enough out of the championship?
Possibly the worse sports man this great country has created.

I would hate to have that sort of guy at the helm. He is a man who gets results, granted, but to get the result at the cost of the teams soul? Not for me.
Bleat on all you want at how great he is, how you’ve always said Bruce is siht, and Warnock is the son of god.
Personally I think you are blinkered by ineptitude, and have no football intelligence.
So not only is your point mute, it’s amounts to about as much sense as taking business advice from a two year old. Pointless.

For you football is about beer, pumping your chest and saying how great YOU are for going to every match., yet you learn nothing, know little, and preach like you are holy.
Take the best advice I was given, years ago when I thought I knew everything, close your mouth, open your eyes, and clear your ears.

We all wanted promotion in the automatics, and would swap places with wolves and or Cardiff, but we aren’t. We are in the playoffs. It’s now a lottery.
We need to approach every match as if it’s our last, a cup final as people say.
And your advice is sack the man who got us this far? The guy who has turned the club around, and stopped the rot?!
You seriously think swapping him now would be a clever thing?

Is what we are seeing at the moment good enough? No
Are we good enough? On this form, no!
Can we turn it around? Yes

Get on board or don’t, I couldn’t give a siht, as to be honest, you are irrelevant, but stop preaching, moaning and trying to sound clever, as you are neither.

Or, throw your toys out, say you are leaving, change your name again, and start the whole process another time, like the last few seasons. Yawn yawn yawn.

08 Apr 2018 11:10:28
These results are becoming the norm now? We’ve lost 10 games all season, last year we lost 16, the year before 27, so yea mate your right, it all boils down to one man, Steve Bruce who has turned us around from being the laughing stock of country, to premier league contenders. Have some respect, stop thinking we have the best team in the league (WE don't BY A LONG WAY), stop thinking we have a god given right to win every game and walk back to the premier league. No matter which way you try to spin it Bruce has turned us away from tumbling straight into league 1, and has took us to the brink of the premier league, all games like yesterday show me is we need investment if we do go up. Everyone’s quick to blame Bruce but what about the full backs who got individually shown up and cost us more than once, what about the two centre halves who got ran straight through for one of the goals and what about the striker who tried to kick a ball 6 foot in the air about 3 yards out of an empty net instead of heading it when jack played a lovely ball at 2-1, or what about the constant bad decisions they made? Poor fouls to give away, sideways passing, misplaced passing and shooting from ridiculous positions when we are chasing a game.

08 Apr 2018 12:30:58
Flackie I have never heard so much rubbish from one man in my life. anybody could have got villa in the playoffs who has half a brain cell we have had the biggest budget in the league and let's not forget how rubbish is League is as well. we was not like Sunderland. Sunderland are broke we are loaded we didn't need saving we had a new owner and the complete new team. How come teams who have had less money than us and a new manager and are by far a smaller Club are higher than us? Our football is awful to watch.

08 Apr 2018 13:13:28
Hi Flackie
With all the vitriol spouted at WTW are you not sounding very much like the nice Mr Warnock?

08 Apr 2018 13:22:56

If Warnock became villa boss I would not go down to watch them,
I despise the bloke with a passion,
I know he has a great promotion record but his methods in getting results is disgraceful,
Nasty piece of work.

08 Apr 2018 13:25:07
Biggest budget spent on players like tshibola and McCormack. Let’s look at how much the players who have played most the games this season have actually cost us:
Johnstone - nothing
Hutton - already here
Terry - nothing
Chester - 5mil
Elmo - 3 mil
Adomah - swapped with adama
Hourihane - 2 mil
Whelan - 1 mil
Snodgrass - nothing
Grealish - nothing
Hogan - 12 mil

So that’s 23million without loan fees, so call it 25. This whole we have the biggest budget so we therefore have the best squad is so stupid it’s unbelievable, Tshibola, McCormack, Gollini, Elphic and De Laet account for mor than half the money we have spent since being relegated and non of them are playing for us anymore. But hey ho don’t let facts ruin your story lines.

08 Apr 2018 14:06:06
Just because Bruce didn't buy with money doesn't mean he hasn't spent John Terry deal was about 12 million with wages agent fees and a huge signing on or did u think he worked for free and didn't require a signing on fee same goes for whelen and elmo and many others Villas wages are stupid for the championship mate.

08 Apr 2018 14:21:03
Hi pluffy, if that is the case, I will do the one thing the great mr Warnock won’t do, and apologise for my opinion.

However. I stand by my comments, feel over the last three/ four seasons of the siht posted by WTW, or who ever he is posting as today, there is always one straw that breaks the camels back.



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