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09 Feb 2018 17:47:58
Right people it's nearly derby day and I would like to know your best memories of a Aston Villa v Birmingham City Derby. UTV.

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09 Feb 2018 19:04:02
WTW Plenty of fond memories of Derby day, however one memory that is still vivid and painful and I hope is never to be repeated, we were 2 0 up and absolutely cruising Jaun Paublo had a simple tap in to make it 3 0 in front of the holte, sadly he fluffed it. The next 15 mins were a horror show how they came back I will never know, what made this stick in mine and I'm sure many others throats was the injury time equiliser, I was level with their fans in the trinity you would have thought they had just won the league, would love to stick 6 up em to exorsise the memory, I am sitting in the same area as that day.

09 Feb 2018 21:21:44
Cahills overhead kick


09 Feb 2018 21:54:37
Sat in a bar in Spain with the BCFC supporters club, both of them, and being told that they were going to stuff us out of sight.
Cahill went up like the space shuttle and they all went home.
Oh what a day!

10 Feb 2018 09:55:25
I was on holiday in Brazil when Cahill scored that fantastic goal and the bar I was in went wild,
There was loads of villa supporters in that bar so I was not alone,
What a memory!

10 Feb 2018 11:33:22
I have 3 favourites, firstly being 15yrs old on the Holte terrace December 1980 watching Geddes score twice and Gary Shaw to making it 3 nil villa! Icing on the cake being small Heath also had one disallowed! Second was watching Cahill score that wonder goal stood with my late father and very young son, three generations in rapturous joy! Finally the slaughter of SHA 5:1 and watching hoardes of bluenoses streaming out dejected before 60mins. Expect tomorrow will be hard and a draw unless we can do what we did against Bristol City when thought we would get a tonking! UTV.

10 Feb 2018 12:39:50
OldVillan great story mate cahills goal was great bit surprised nobody has mentioned the games in the 80s heard they was brutal both on an off the pitch. My fav memory we have David Oleary as manager we had been awful till the blues game and we go and beat them at there own ground was great.

10 Feb 2018 21:07:49
Talking rough, SHA attracted rough with the worst being Kenny Burns, as a kid I hated the player, Julian Dicks also comes to mind later on!



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