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01 Feb 2018 20:36:28
Some of you getting ahead of yourselves picking positions to strengthen when you go up. Play offs will be interesting but no guarantee that you will win them.

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01 Feb 2018 23:23:47
We are going up that is automatic. You are obsessed with Villa and a wind up merchant.

We are a bigger club than anybody in the midlands and it hurts you that's why you're so obsessed as you have realised your custard bowl club will never achieve anything that we have. How about you either buy a Villa season ticket or support your own team?

02 Feb 2018 11:15:56
It always seems that these two posters follow each other.
One posts a reply very soon after the others post.
Could be perceived as dual personality.
Just saying.!

02 Feb 2018 12:02:23
You aren’t the only one who thinks that Oldvillan, too much of a coincidence imo.

02 Feb 2018 13:07:49
Well don`t respond then, the nature of dialogue used by some is only comparable with 9 year olds.
Leave alone and they will go away.

02 Feb 2018 15:19:33
This guys a wolves fan and really gets to me that's why I reply.

02 Feb 2018 15:38:33
Your weakness is alarmingly apparent wtw, man up and laugh at him from a distance.

02 Feb 2018 15:49:42
Had to check because of how coincidental it is, for someone who posts on here regular top of the league hasn’t got a post on either the rumours or banter page for wolves, I think the games up WTW, it’s a bit sad to be honest.

02 Feb 2018 17:20:05
He gets to me because this is a Villa page and he shouldn't be aloud on here. It annoys me as well that you think me and him have some connection. I am a season ticket holder and in the away scheme I have nothing to do with him apart from argue when he puts stupid things. Anyway UTV.

{Ed033's Note - But should he be allowed on here?

02 Feb 2018 18:32:43
Personally NO.
However there is freedom of speech.
Could we post drivel on the Wolves site or will the Eds delete us when we do as they have in the past.

02 Feb 2018 19:16:51
I don’t know what having a season ticket and being in the away scheme has to do with anything to be honest.

02 Feb 2018 19:29:03
I think it’s a bit pathetic that it’s a point of concern!
Personally I think WTW talks tripe, but the Ed’s of made it clear, no just accounts!
They even banned me a few years ago as the suspected I had more than one. (I didn’t, and thank fully they posted this)
Does it matter if a sad sack posts on here from another club? No
Does it not mean that he is more afraid of us blind siding them?
Do you not see that as he spends so much time on here he is jealous of villa, and is trying to put oil in the water?
Ignore the cretin, and the wolves fan! (Joke WTW! )

{Ed001's Note - I don't understand why you all get so worked up about people from other clubs visiting. We have Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd fans regularly crossing over between those sites with no issues. Admittedly they mostly are not as dismal in their attempts at banter as the Wolves fan you have got lumbered with, but it can often add to the conversation and give a view you wouldn't otherwise get. We even have a charity match being played in the sumemr with teams made up of a mix of Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal fans from those sites.

I know you have got a bit shortchanged with the plank you have, but still, at least you matter enough that he has made the effort to post on Villa's site.}

02 Feb 2018 19:56:50
Jesus! Again you enlighten us with the knowledge of truth!

{Ed001's Note - it was what I was born to do after all ;-)

02 Feb 2018 19:58:17
Also I apologise for the siht grammar in my other post!
I need to proof read!

{Ed001's Note - trust me that is great grammar compared to what I usually have to put up with.}

02 Feb 2018 20:29:38

02 Feb 2018 20:34:49
Serious question, the other night I replied something very rude knowing it wouldn’t get put up really but what is the line of which it’s too far to post? Anything personal to someone against the rules?

{Ed001's Note - it really depends on the editor. What some see as banter others would see as abuse. Also a lot depends on who it is said to and by who. Oh and the context as well. It is impossible to really give a direct answer.

Quick rule of thumb is though personal attacks on someone is too far.}

03 Feb 2018 08:32:43
Fair enough, cheers.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}



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