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26 Dec 2017 21:30:13
Another shocking performance hogan a bag of 💩 bruce is not the person too take us up . he has had 1year an a half at villa an we are only a play off side not good enough we don't play good football . i'd get rid now an get monk or ryan giggs in . we will be lucky to make play offs under bruce.

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26 Dec 2017 21:43:49
That's 5 games no wins?
We are sliding into nowhere land again,
Can't wait to hear what Bruce says again,
Just play the tape from previous poor displays.
Not a good Christmas for us fans,

26 Dec 2017 22:37:40
I hate to say this but I think Brucie should go .

Don’t get me wrong in days gone by Bruce would of got us up . However this was when Football in the championship was hit and hope boring Football .

The two top performing teams presently are Wolves, Bristol City with Brentford not far behind .

The championship has changed whereby the teams are playing more expansive passing Football .

In my opinion someone like Dean Smith would be a great asset .

A villa fan, plays football the right way and would bring the best out of the team and get them playing the right way.

26 Dec 2017 22:48:40
Absolutely sick to death of watching opposition with so much more energy and able to break with some haste and fluidity. All season have remained optimistic that we will get a run of destroying opposition but just ain't happening. I know we have injuries but too many key player passing with regularity to the opposition. Real dilemma in that best we can hope for is play offs and SB has a good record. What should we do in January window is a mystery of FFP v need for a striker, sadly Davis doesn't bury the ball in the net and can't just rely on his hold up play VTID.

26 Dec 2017 23:28:17
Forgot Bruce was on the pitch with his individual errors we would have won that game Whelen piss poor Average Grealish was his usual 5-6 Davies piss poor when he came on Hutton lost in position so many times Hogan less said the better Snodgrass again poor all Bruce's fault now IMO all of these is not Bruce's fault.

27 Dec 2017 00:09:42

The style of play. Brucies fault
Lack of possession. brucies fault
Shots at goal and on target. brucies fault
Whealan, Snodgrass . brucies signings

Can you see the pattern yet?
Just not good enough
We’ve given him time to turn it around and nothing’s changed.
Sure we can go on a run and win games against teams mid table and below.

Bruce even said himself to judge him after decembers games. enough said.

27 Dec 2017 08:39:17
I did say I was prepared to give Bruce the chance to get us up and now for me he should go,
We are looking just a average team now going nowhere,
Bruce stays loyal to certain players however poor they are playing,
The sooner green, o'hare, hayes, sulaman. lydon are in the fold the better,
Snodgrass 8 million?
Are we really prepared to pay that for him?
Anomao send him back to spurs,
Hogan I feel sorry for,
He looked a good player with Brentford but they're a footballing side and they played to his streths,
Whelan just not good enough,
We look in a sorry state and some think needs to happen now.

27 Dec 2017 10:04:00
Never seen a villa team pass the ball so badly,
And the amount of times defenders getting caught in possession!
Heard some pundits on radio last night mocking our great club with how bad we look and thinking how bad they would survive in premiership,
We were shocking last night and it's happening all to often,
Lots of fans want Bruce out me included but who would you have villa fans,
Think it matters not because he is going nowhere any way fast in my opinion
We will just have to hope he turns it around,
But please Mr Bruce give Some of the young kids a chance from the bench at least,



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