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24 Dec 2017 09:31:22
Yesterday just shows we need JT back as soon as possible, 2-0 and cruising after 10 minutes then Chester gifts them a goal, 5 minutes later Jedinak does the same, 2 individual errors cost us there. We are meant to have signed leaders, Jedinak ex captain of palace got them promoted, Chester been promoted with Hull, Snodgrass, Whelan - yet when we've just handed them 2 goals they all turn to little boys wandering about to scared to shout their mouth off and ask what's going on, they had a corner just after Jedinaks howler and you really could see just how timid he had become, it's embarrassing, pull yourselves together and go again! Snodgrass was awful, Bruce did the right thing getting him off, looked like Elmo got injured so had no choice with him and we did need to try something different last 20 to get a winner so can't complain about going 442 but would have preferred to see Davis stay on with Hogan, probably trying to keep him fresh for Tuesday tho. Following the subs tho we had no chance, Hogan offers literally nothing, he doesn't run in behind and he doesn't stay for the ball into feet, he does half and half and confuses the life out of everyone, when he does receive the ball his second touch is a tackle because the first is always abysmal, giving up hope on him now. Gabby, is gabby, hopefully RHM can stay fit for longer than 5 minutes an get on the bench. Grealish, Adomah and Davis has good games, grealish especially dragged us forward, didn't just run down blind alleys, if there was too many bodies he switched it to the other side. Seriously need to get back to winning ways now tho, if we get back to winning 7/ 8 and drawing or losing the other then I can take this little patch as our "off form" point, derby are showing that Cardiff are human and they are catchable, we need to do our nuts to go for second because Play Offs is a lottery and we struggle enough as it is to beat the teams around us.

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24 Dec 2017 09:37:49
Spot on Chris.

24 Dec 2017 10:23:29
Sorry meant to criticise Jedinak for the first goal not Chester, really don’t see why Elphic isn’t starting.

24 Dec 2017 10:47:14
I’m going to get pelters for this, but I think Davis needs to do more. yes he holds the ball up well, and yes his touch is great, but he doesn’t look for the ball, his movement is slow and obvious.

He sadly is never a number 9, more a 9 1/ 2 or a 10.
That isn’t his fault, but it does begger belief to understand how we expect him to play up top on his own.

This on its own creates problems, other than the obvious lack of goals, it kills your own midfield, as we have no number 9 our attacking players are all out of shape, as there is no goal scoring option ahead of them, so they are in two kinds of where to go, and what to do. This meaning at times two even three are doing the same move, or run, and at others no one goes.
This also means our midfield can be bypassed by the opposition, like yesterday, and we get over ran.

I’m not blaming Davis for this, this is poor team selection, or formation, But I am saying he needs to be more active, great when the ball finds him, but how often does he find the ball?

24 Dec 2017 12:00:02
I know We have had injuries to key players but why are not some of the young players being used from the bench,
We had 2 right backs a useless gabby and Thor on bench last night,
We are playing at home with a good crowd and a win was needed against a out of form team.

Yet once again we throw it all away,
We have no pace in forward area's and the build up play is so slow,
Hayes or o'hare or both should be on the bench at least,
I just don't know why Bruce will not give these lads a real go.
If it was not for injurys to all our strikers at the time would we have seen Davis in team?

No chance,
Bruce does like his experienced pensioners to fall back on.
This has and always been my gripe with Bruce.
He praises these kids with there performances in the under 23s but it's always the same words of "He will get his chance"
How long mr Bruce?

24 Dec 2017 13:35:33
So boring every week hearing about how u23 players are the answer to all our problems, the second coming and going to get us promoted on their own. I see what your saying about Davis aswell Flackie, doesn’t score anywhere near enough, as the weeks have gone on tho players seem reluctant to get near him, and often when we’re in crossing positions it’s only him in the box, hourihanes overall game has come on loads but it has come at the cost of his attacking threat, rarely gets forward anymore other than set pieces, should be bombing forward every oppertunity, get at teams more. However yesterday I think the main problem was the senior players, mostly Jedinak, out of position and looked out of his depth, from the 60th minute they had everyone behind the ball and kept killing the game because we let them slow it down at every oppertunity, poor game management, senior players giving away silly fouls when there was no need giving them time to waste and get out.



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