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15 Nov 2017 06:23:37
Morning chaps, just back from a little espionage on the blunderers site and it seems a certain spoonhead who'se been giving it billy-big-spuds on here is noticable by his complete absence over there! so either he's a real sad-sack who hasn't the neck to declare who he really is, or is a little snowflake who should get back to licking windows or his elbow! now if you'll excuse me gentlemen, for some reason i feel the need to have a long soak in a bath of dettol!

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15 Nov 2017 19:27:55
Did you get offered any clothes pegs, dishcloths and disposable lighters while you were in Dingleland 82?


15 Nov 2017 20:10:36
Lol! -trust you Ally to see through my cunning plans to get some cheap christmas presents in for the missus!
Funnily enough one of the yokels said his daughters-sisters-aunts-uncle's-mother-in-laws-cousins-nephews-niece was of marrying age, needless to say i gave him walk-the-walks details and reversed out of there pretty darn quick! i expect to see the happy couple on jeremy kyle in the new year! #DID MY BIT FOR HUMANITY#!

15 Nov 2017 20:45:38
This is kinda random but related lol, did anyone have chips from what I think was the last chippy on way to the train station there? This is going back about 20 years, they were Orange, 'andsome they were 😋


15 Nov 2017 20:59:01
Aahh-you know the special ingredient they used to use mate! i got told that years ago as a wee nipper by my 'really funny' family members after scoffing away on the old lucky dips! no surprise i stuck to my classy spam fritters after that! Ally mate, that memory of yours has sent a shiver down my spine! -ah happy days!



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