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17 Oct 2017 10:32:11
Just read how Aston Villa signed David James it was all down to Sir Doug Ellis. David James was at the horse racing with some Liverpool players they was drinking an a bit drunk but that was fine it was there day off said James. He Went next door where Sir Doug was and James said how are you?

Sir Doug replied not good we have just lost the best Gk in the League to Man Utd. When James said after a few drinks 2nd best Gk Sir Doug said who's the best then and James pointed at himself. Next day Sir Doug puts his bid in and even get him on cheap wages.

I love Sir Doug best chairman ever you talk of super agents he personally brought us Dwight Yorke David Ginola David James not bad hey. that's when football was great you had chairman who cared about the clubs and actually under stood football who was there 24/7 running the club.

Bill Kenwright, Doug Ellis, Jack Walker, Freddy Shepherd, so many more some of the chairman now days wouldn't know a player from a butcher yes they have money but so much gets wasted because they don't actually understand what there buying its a toy for them.

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17 Oct 2017 13:41:14
Good chairman but nailing the stand after yourself come on.

17 Oct 2017 18:33:56
Lol you wouldn't do the same lol he deserves it when he very 1st brought the club we was in a right mess he saved us so for that reason I would say its a good idea. Even he owned the club the 2nd time he weren't bad.

17 Oct 2017 20:47:25
Agree with you WTW, he did make mistakes but so doe`s everyone.
He also did a great deal for Villa, and loved every brick and blade of grass of our great club.

17 Oct 2017 21:06:31
He did brilliant for us I didn’t dispute that, ran it like a corner shop and did right by us. But as I said, naming a stand after yourself, you let other people do that for you, like Alex Ferguson, Kenny Daglish etc, just a bit arrogant to me.

17 Oct 2017 23:33:30
Chris he wasnt being arrogant he loves the club that much that when he passes away there will always be a little bit of him still there which I think is so nice mate as people come up with all sorts of excuses for not going games but this guy even when he is in his 90s still goes home and away he loves the club more than anybody.

18 Oct 2017 07:04:22
They’d have probably named one after him any how after he retired, same way lots of other clubs have done, no one would ever forget him stand or not.

18 Oct 2017 16:08:44
My gripe about Ellis was that he did not like seeing villa win the European cup when he was not in charge
Then when he came in the players who won us that cup all were sold,
He is a good chairman but a very arrogant one
He kept a tight ship but he really does love the club,
To go to every game now home and away at his age is unbelievable really.

18 Oct 2017 18:46:57
About your first point Bob, I think it is more about disappointment than not liking.
Believe me he was happy we won the European cup mate.



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