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09 Sep 2017 18:50:41
Players - mostly awful; Johnstone, Terry and Davies the only positives. All too negative, dithering on the ball, instead of breaking they play it back, can't make 5 yard passes, can't see when a man is in loads of space, pulling out of challenges, absolute garbage.
Manager - Awful; if your playing a 4-5-1 you have to do it with attacking intent, Rafa won the league playing it last year home and away because they got at people, kept it on the deck and played to their strengths. Substitutes were indefensible, I understand the way the injuries happened it made things awkward but if he had the idea of going 2 up top at some point then why would you take Davies off who was playing brilliant. Just bizarre.
Fans - booing at half time when it's 0-0 is more embarrassing than the performance on the pitch, not going to get anywhere when people expect to me winning every half of every game. Negativity breeds negativity.

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09 Sep 2017 19:04:09
Just read Davies was injured so had to come off, fair enough. That's Onomah, Green and Davies all picked up injuries that game, green will be out for a while aswell.

10 Sep 2017 07:44:36
Absolutely fuming after leaving Villa park yesterday, how much more of this crap can we take, we have had this dished out to us the fans now for far to long, the rott started years ago under Randy Lerner's ownership.

We have changed the owner, we have changed the back room staff, we have changed the players, we have changed managers and still nothing changes so I'm now struggling to think what is actually the problem?
I'm all for off loading SB if we do not get 12 to 15 points come the end of October but who?

However I don't really think it will change anything their is still something rotten at the club behind the scenes.
My shout would be wait until Newcastle sack Benitez or he walks then get him in as we need a manager of his sort of calibre.

I would rather keep Bruce than have Giggs just thought I would drop that in, Gerrard and Lampard? No management experience.
I keep seeing Sherwoods name pop up again not for me he is a impact manager good short term not so good mid to long term and as we have seen tactically inept "Remember being 2-0 up at Leicester and ended up losing 3-2 due to a tactical change"

Here is a name what about Moyes? Did fantastic at Everton, did not do to bad at UTD but was hounded out and was better than LVG who replaced him and was given more time.

Not so good in Spain that was a gamble and you can't blame him for Sunderland he did that job with both hands tied behind his back plus we would not have to pay any compensation to get him apart from paying Bruce off.

10 Sep 2017 09:31:28
David moyes? Wake up and smell the coffee!
As for experience, we have one of the most experienced managers in this league and look what's happening. look who are near the top. Leeds and wolves both with managers with no experience in this league. all you need is a manager with fresh ideas who's willing to take a risk to win football matches. How good giggs, lampard or gerrard could be is anyone's guess but surely worth a chance. Certainly command the respect of the players. can't stop laughing about the moyes suggestion. SERIOUSLY.

10 Sep 2017 14:15:07
As I said my shout would be to see what happens at Newcastle if Benitez gets sacked or walks then I would off load SB and get him in.

As for Moyes try having a look at facts and data And really look at his record.
For example 2002 to 2012 Moyes spent £128M in the same time he recouped £123M that's 1/ 2M net spend a season with Everton not finishing lower than 8th during that time and a champions league qualification thrown in on half a mil spend a season? Your not laughing now Smudge lol

But seriously pal we cannot take anymore of this crap I'm struggling from looking from the outside in to understand what is Wong at our club?
As for Giggs! some role model for the players to look up to if they want to go off with their brothers wives I would not want him near our football club.



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