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05 Sep 2017 14:53:25
We should not lose a game this month in the league:
Brentford (home) - just lost 3 of their best, we're at home, have to win that. 3 points.
Middlesbrough (home) - playing at home, normally play better when faced with "better" opposition, should be minimum of a draw. 1 point.
Barnsley (away) - have to be punishing these teams, even away from home if we want to go up. 3 points.
Forest (home) - home game, middle table opponent. 3 points.
Burton (away) - Same as Barnsley, should be a win. 3 points.
Bolton (home) - big relegation candidates, at home, should be a comfortable win. 3 points.
Should be 16 points if we're serious about getting promoted, that would put us on track for 21 points from 11 games, one point away from averaging the required 2 points a game. This would fix the poor start and almost definitely put us top 4/ top 6 minimum. Time to step up.

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05 Sep 2017 15:58:38
100% Agree with you chrisavfc
No excuses from Bruce now,
We really have to show we have the best squad on paper and do it on the pitch,
I will be very disappointed if we drop more than 2 points.

05 Sep 2017 16:01:34
I hate to say it but the blues could be in the shake up come end of season,
They have brought some decent players with youth and pace in forward area's,
And in jota they have a very creative midfielder, with goals,

05 Sep 2017 16:16:17
Why on every post does someone have to say, 'no excuses for Bruce now'?
Move on, he is there, accept it, get on board and stop being so pessimistic.
It's so boring

We should go into every match expecting to win, and I agree this month I expect us to not lose. But if we do, the season is until may.
Every single team raises there game to play 'the big boys' hence some shock results.
Even Barcelona lose from time to time.

To climb a mountain, you have to take the first step, we have been through the siht time, let the club climb back, accept it's going to be a rollercoaster, and believe.

Our 'fans' are the most negative in the country, it's painful and we a mocked for it. It filters through to the pitch, and is the biggest hurdle we need to get over as a club, or we wil always fall short.

I'm sure there a selection of villans who are desperate for the club to fail. Just so they can stand up and say they told us so.
It's exhausting.

05 Sep 2017 16:45:13
There was me thinking we always agree now?
I'm not being negative at all,
We should be doing so much better than we are,
Granted Davis has been great for us a real bonus but if gabby was fit against Norwich he would have played no doubt in my mind,
Bruce got lucky with that,
I've always said you have to give every manager time to get a side together,
Bruce has had more time than most previous manager's and until the Norwich game we have gone backwards,
We have shown improvement in last 2 games and i hope it continues,
I will reserve my judgement on Bruce come Christmas time,
By that time he has had over 60 games to get it right,
That is more than enough time to see if your up for the job,

05 Sep 2017 18:16:25
If you are reserving your opinion until Christmas, how come we all know it?
And if your crystal ball works that will to know what team he would of played, why exactly are you waiting until then, put us out out misery, and tell about our mid table finish.

05 Sep 2017 19:46:37
Mainbob you can't criticise a manager for something that didn't happen, your saying that if gabby wasn't injured he'd have played vs Norwich, and slating Bruce for that, that's absolutely ludicrous because it didn't happen. If we want to get promoted this year then we need to make a start and we won't have a better run of games all season. I am very confident we will have a brilliant month, and with the confidence and belief from this month the good form should spill over into the following months.

05 Sep 2017 20:00:01
Mainbob, all your arguments fall appart, with the statement that if fit Gabby should have played . Davis moves, holds the ball up, runs the channels, looks likely to score, Gabby no longer does any of the above . Unless the whole team go down with Gabbys mystery Vitigo, Gabby should not play again . Onwards& Upwards Villaforever.

06 Sep 2017 07:38:41
I do not say gabby should have played,
I'm saying if fit enough Bruce would have played him over Davis against Norwich.
He got lucky that Davis proved he is 100 times better than gabby,

06 Sep 2017 09:59:13
Could not agree more that gabby is useless and should have gone from this club years ago but hearing Bruce talk about him he is staying full stop,
Plus another contract?

06 Sep 2017 10:29:56
He is the manager. Let him manage, live by the sword etc etc.
If we got to the play off final, gabby plays and scores the winning goal. then what?

Also, if he is playing, and under contract, getting close to his older self, he has a value. Saying he is staying is good management as motivates him, focusing him to get in the side, making him an asset to either sell, or play.

I'm not in a million years saying gabby SHOULD start, I'm just saying a fit focused gabby is better than a fat waster.

No one brought him, si what would you do? Pay him to stay away?

06 Sep 2017 11:17:08
The only time gabby shows anything is when we play the Blues!
The rest of the time he is totally rubbish,
As for gabby being a fit focused guy where does that come from?
He looks as fit as rmc at best!
Shows how much value he has don't see other clubs breaking down the doors to sign him,
Waster big time along with Richards
Rant over for today,

06 Sep 2017 14:45:41
I don't disagree. But if giving him an olive branch gets him fit, and he becomes an option, then match fit he is in the shop window, and becomes a sellable asset.
For someone who claims worldly experience you are extremely naive and blind.

06 Sep 2017 15:12:33
And how long do we have to wait to get gabby fit?
Where is this worldly experience you claim I process!
I don't claim any such thing just giving opinion I see,
Or am I not allowed that on these blogs,
Gabby has all the help from everyone but he does not want to know so the sooner his contract runs out the better,
Just my luck Bruce gives him another contract and that would really piss me off if that happens.

06 Sep 2017 16:15:28
Am I not allowed to disagree?

And you often say how many years you have been going, how old you are. blah blah blah.

Everyone posts saying "am I not allowed I view, is my opinion nor valid".

Having an opinion, and giving it, doesn't mean it is automatically correct, and a forum allows people to question it, disagree, or heaven forbid, tell the poster how stupid, and crazy both their opinion is, and they are for having it.

Or am I not allowed an opinion?

06 Sep 2017 17:29:20
Of course you are allowed to disagree,
What a uttery stupid comment,
This is a blog if you know it!
We all have our views,
Not everybody is right would you agree
Just lighten up and comment sensibly that's all I ask!
No need for sarky remarks,
And there are many fans on here who have gone to matches for years and years,
So what's your problem with that,

06 Sep 2017 17:31:13
It's obvious you are being cantankerous matey!

06 Sep 2017 17:59:41
Every time some one disagrees, you throw how your not allowed your opinion.
I think pot and kettle!
Cantankerous!? Really! Lol take a good look in the mirror 'matey'

06 Sep 2017 18:03:17
Or you could, as normal, read half a post, and then comment on threads, not the whole thing.

Your right, many, in fact most of us have followed and supported the club for years, but we don't find the need to say this to push home a view and or point.



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