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20 Aug 2017 16:09:48
What should Bruce do Tuesday? Rest davis for Friday? Or does he carry on playing players in form to give them confidence? Personally I'd rest davis, green and hourihane. But then what does he do Friday if Hogan comes in Tuesday, scores a couple and has a good game?

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20 Aug 2017 16:38:36
We need momentum, and the winning habit.

They are fit pros, 2 weeks into a season! Rest?

20 Aug 2017 16:56:27
No changes for Tuesday for me,
Let's get a settled side who get used to playing with each other.
Don't like all this pissing about with resting players,

20 Aug 2017 17:00:27
I know what your saying but I'm saying rest them as in not play them to risk them getting injured in a non important cup game. We have had an injury in every game so far. And 3 games in 6 days is a bit intense.

20 Aug 2017 17:09:54
You can't plan a season on risking not getting injured.
What about a settled team, winning and used to playing together?
We need a style, and an 11 that are the team. We need a squad that can fill spaces when needed through necessity not fear and superstition.

Winning like losing is a habit, and it's addictive, those players have earned that shirt now. What does it say to them to take from them?
Let's say we swap teams around, and the players on Tuesday batter Wigan.
Then what?
Drop them for sats team, or keep them?
Either way, a split unhappy dressing room.

We should keep the beliefs that you WIN the shirt. You earn the right to keep it buying playing well, and lose it by playing siht.
You can't lose the shirt by winning a game and playing well.

20 Aug 2017 17:22:14
* by playing well
(Note to self, read before posting! )

20 Aug 2017 17:22:41
Yes that's basically the question I was asking. What does Bruce do if he drops davis for Tuesday and Hogan scores a couple. What does he do for Wednesday? I think Bruce will make changes for tuesday. Whether we agree or not. For me davis hourihane green and bree (as hutton isn't playing well) must start on friday.

20 Aug 2017 17:35:34
*Friday not wednesday. That would be a bit too much to ask!

20 Aug 2017 17:51:50
I think now, more than ever, changes he makes should be through necessity.
1) suspension
2) injury
3) form

If we are resting now, 2 weeks into a season, with an international break around the corner, then we don't deserve to plan on winning anything.

We have got to go with the intention of players winning the shirt, and by that same reckoning players lose the shirt.

Are you really saying that the three players you mention need resting?
They haven't been in the team. Tired after one game?

If we only pick players on form, the team knows that everyone there is playing because they deserve it. Not because they have a reputation.
It levels the playing field for the whole squad, and by that same reason, should lift standards and moral.

20 Aug 2017 18:16:42
I'm not saying I'd rest them because they are tired no. I'm saying I'd rest them because I want them fit for friday. Davis played Monday, Saturday, if he's not dropped then Tuesday and Friday as Well. I agree with what u are saying and when we are well into the season and not playing 3 games in a week then yes, stick with the same team get momentum and don't change a winning side. I get all that. But when players are not 100% match fit as it's early in the season, playing 3 games in 6 days does bring fatigue. And when they are fatigued that brings niggling little injurys. All i'm saying is that i want green hourihane and davis starting friday. And i can pretty much guarentee if fit Tuesday's game will include Bjarnason steer samba Hogan adomah ohare and Dr laet. I'd be surprised if Bruce didn't make changes.

20 Aug 2017 18:57:07
I hope your wrong, I'd start the team that won on sat.
Win the game early on Tuesday. then make the changes to rest.

20 Aug 2017 19:49:00
Think Bruce has already said he's changing things and using a mixture of youth and experience, agree fully that we need to keep the same team as Saturday but with Bree over Hutton.

20 Aug 2017 22:13:24
Play the same team from saturday, change 1 player Bree for Hutton, when we are out of sight of Wigan make subs to rest the team, introduce more kids to the team.

21 Aug 2017 08:41:32
Keep the same team for Tuesday,
Players get injured in training so I don't see the benefit of changing them
Keep the winning momentum going,



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