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15 Aug 2017 01:47:27
I have come here again for another post which I hope will take minutes but I expect will drag on and on so apologies in advance.
First of all let me say that I hope we smash Reading 0-3 and go on to dominate the division and walk back into the premier league.
But back in the real world, I just wonder what some are thinking. I fully support everyone who has an opinion so I mean no offence but I really can't see why people are calling for Bruce's head already. How many times do we want to change the manager before we actually just stop? Do we think that we get out of this mess by totally de-stabilising the club again? Who next? David Blaine? We need to stop and look at ourselves. Look a little deeper. We have no god given right to walk back into the premiership. I love my club with everything I have but the word "mighty" has been taken down from above our name. We are a championship side now, like the "mighty Forrest" or the "mighty Leeds". What let's us down is our very own expectations. From top to bottom.
Our chairman - love him or hate him, he's a business man. A man who has found some adoration for his social media messages and plays on it. A man who simply thought he could buy his way back to the premier league. A man who is loved by thousands because he's the opposite to Randy Lerner. A man who has led us to the brink of breaking financial fair play rules. A man who sanctioned the purchase of close on £40m worth of strikers but only £10m worth of players to supply our strikers. What does Mr Xia actually know about football? Or the championship? Or what we really need to succeed? He knows how to tweet and make money but hundreds of billionaires have been made millionaires by owning footballl teams.
Our players: well we didn't learn. We signed average players on inflated wages. Our squad is pretty decent compared with others but for some reason they hit bodymor Heath and just stop developing.
Our fans: We still think we have the right to just turn up and win because we're Villa. We've been so used to being top dog of the midlands that we just think we deserve it. A bit like some of our players. Just turn up and win. It doesn't happen.
We all need to start again. Forget where we came from. forget what we once won. Forget how great we once were.
We're a championship club with a decent championship squad. We have a decent manager. Let's stop being the laughing stock of English football. Let's stop calling for managers heads after 2 games. Let's stop groaning after the first mislaid pass. Let's stop all the expectation and just SUPPORT our team. We have a crazy chairman, an ugly manager, some overpaid pre-madonnas, a good set of young kids, a brilliant stadium and the best away supporters on the planet. So let's just get behind them. Let's try and learn to love it again. Try and remember why we started supporting our team in the first place. We weren't happy with Doug so we got randy and loved him, but then hated him and wanted Tony. We did the same with our managers. We're a fickle lot as Mr O'Leary once said. It's football. Let's enjoy it. We'd hate life without it :)

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15 Aug 2017 06:04:07
You said 'the F word' and you're right, that's what we are, though we're never going to admit it. I was 10 when we became Kings of Europe, when winning that trophy was an actual competition, you can 'buy it' now, money has ruined football, all that matters now is qualifying for The Champions League because of the cash it generates, not winning your domestic league, I'd be happy now with just seeing decent football, winning more often than not, beating the nose home and away, a good cup run but most of all our players having the passion that we all have for our club, is that ever going to happen when they get £50K+ a week for just turning up?


15 Aug 2017 06:10:09
Many, many valid points there mike, and though he wasn't my first choice i want bruce to succeed, us to succeed, but i feel he's an echo of the manager he was at hull and the dimwits at small heath (saying that, don't look at the table! ), where once his teams of the past had pace, and moved the ball quickly, he seems to have fallen into a rut and seems a bit hesitant to change things;yes us supporters probably make him think twice about going for it, but that's what comes with a big club-big expectations, he's always managed the underdog, so is it too much for him now he's at the other end of the wedge? time will tell, it seems snodgrass may be coming, and that might be the piece of the puzzle he feels he's missing?, but now he's having a go at the players in interviews, where in the past he would have kept it 'in house', i think he might unravel if we don't go on a run soon, so fingers crossed for tonight, but stam is no mug and if bacuna plays, well, sods law raises its head again, love us to win, think we'll get a lucky draw, but worst case scenario, if we lose, and the players roll over again, then it won't be long before some in the dressing room spit the dummy out, and its basket case time again, and the doctor more than likely will give the dreaded vote of confidence, but fingers and toes crossed for tonight, whatever the result who cares actually, as long as the players give their all for steve (and us) then at least we'll know their onboard.
COYV-and now their going to believe us.

15 Aug 2017 06:56:12
Hi all I regularly drop onto this site to read the posts and gauge the feeling of what's going on at our beloved club.
It seems to me that tactics and style of play is the main cause of our problems, I have been to all the pre season games and the two championship opening games.
And it's a case of same old same old. slow build up possession going nowhere football, pass it sideways pass it back and by the time we have gotten ourselves into a threatening position the opposition have 11 players behind the ball and we do not have what it takes to break them down.
Then when the enevitable happens and we concede a goal we are beaten because it's very rare that we are able to turn it around. for far to long our name has been Aston Villa NIL.
At this point we need to ditch this style of play and tactics I don't want at this moment in time entertaining football I want winning football so I would get our team nasty and playing at a high tempo and in the faces of the opposition, play direct and on the counter attack drawing the opposition on and then getting the ball forward and quickly.
Get in a big Andy Carroll / Peter Crouch type centre forward a good winger like we had in Mark Albrighton and bombard the opposition and continually make it very difficult for opposition defences as at the moment it's to easy for them.
This style of football is not pretty but it's effective and exactly what is required for the championship.
If you had asked me this six months ago I would have said no we must not play this way but after watching the second half of Leicester v Athletico Madrid in the 2nd leg of the champions league quarter final.
Leicester were going nowhere the first leg they played a passing going nowhere football and lost the 2nd leg first half more of the same.
In the second half Craig Shakespeare changed tactics and went direct with a high tempo playing direct and in your face football with Vardy playing off Ulloa with every player giving instruction to get the ball into the box at every opportunity.
If anyone watched that second half Leicester created more chances than previously in the 2 legs and had AM on the back foot and under pressure, if they had some more time or adopted that tactic from the start of the 2nd leg then they may have gotten to the semi final.
It was after watching that second half that convinced me that's the best way to get out of this difficult and unforgiving league.
Just my opinion so go easy lol.

15 Aug 2017 07:54:19
What is needed is passion shown from the players for 90 mins.
If all players shown the same desire as o'hare I would be more happier,
My heart tells me we will win 2-0
My head tells me differently a 2-0 defeat!
Please villa follow my heart prediction,
Sick of losing especially away from home,

15 Aug 2017 08:48:57
Mike spot on fella but I feel as though I've read a book no good post fella.

15 Aug 2017 17:37:47
Its going to be another tough game for us tonight. both clubs similar predicament. Desperately hoping we get the win. However win or lose my support will be exactly the same. I won't go slagging off the manager or players or the club. I will leave all that to the likes of villas best supporter and his minions. VILLA FOREVER.



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