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09 Aug 2017 21:39:49
The easiest thing to do in football is walk onto the pitch, the second is pass the ball.
We can do the first with some style, but passing we are shocking.
Steer kept us in the game tonight.
We won so no complaints there.

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09 Aug 2017 21:53:19
Can we keep onomah what a crackin little player!

10 Aug 2017 00:36:34
villa dave i 100 per cent agree Bruces training must be awful or is it he brought awful players can't think which. Take blues they hammard there lower league team we play ours and we are hanging on for dear life some of the kids were great tho ohare wow boys better than any midfield we got. Also sambas legs completly gone might be ok to bang upfront if your desperte but he looks and plays like a old man.

10 Aug 2017 07:59:29
Josh was class and stood out a mile,
O'hare was good as well and what I like about him is that he always wants the ball and works his socks off,
Some saying on here that he should be on bench Saturday I say put him in first 11,
Why did Bruce play Thor at left back?
Never plays there and had a stinker,
But main thing is we won so on to next round,
It was very bad conditions to play so it's wrong to be to critical if I'm honest,

10 Aug 2017 08:46:43
We win you moan we lose you moan thee most irritating person I have ever come across FACT!

10 Aug 2017 10:09:46
What are you on about villadaz!
What I said is what I saw,
Is that called a opinion?
We were lucky to get away with a win but we won and I'm happy with that,
So you agree with Bruce's selection of players and where he plays them fine!
The only thing I criticised was where he played Thor.
Everybody else played ok except samba who was showing his age,
My god mate lighten up!

10 Aug 2017 10:12:10
Have I got you wrong,
Was your blog aimed at wtw or me!
It's it's wtw then I'm sorry about my reply.

10 Aug 2017 10:31:02
Got to say Chester is one of the most consistent players at villa always gives a 7/ 10 performance,
The baggies fans were laughing at us for paying 8 million but for me he is value,
Perhaps he did not like the pulis method,

10 Aug 2017 11:11:00
Not at you bob the usual suspect fella.

10 Aug 2017 11:24:43
Villadaz thank God for that!

10 Aug 2017 13:57:14
I actually agree with wtw about samba, he looked as though he had lead boots on, I see the value in him though as he was key to us holding on during the onslaught of high balls, he won everything that came anywhere near him and that could be worth 5-10 points this season, if he sits in the bench and comes on the last 15-20 mins and heads everything that comes anywhere near out box in the air for that time he serves his purpose, not a 90 min man for me though, he is too suspect on the floor, slowed the game down with his passin across the back 4 where Chester and it move it quickly to spread the play and not to mention his tackle for the pen.



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